News: ST: Sean Lee's six-year extension has him under contract through 2019

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DanManJ, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. conner01

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    it is rare that a player will agree to a deal that is fair to both sides. most just want every penney they can get, but this deal seems very fair all the way around. you gotta like a guy who looks at both sides of a deal.
  2. perrykemp

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    Please illuminate me.
  3. Cowboy Brian

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    Great signing!
  4. koolaid

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    This is great news! Way better to sign him now for cheaper than after he goes to the pro bowl this season :D

    savvy move jerry!
  5. Vintage

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    Then why is some team going to trade us 2 1st rounders on top of paying Dez $15M if it's so blatantly obvious?
  6. Doomsday101

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    I think Dez will get re signed but I think he will come at a higher price than Lee.
  7. jimnabby

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    Well, yeah. Unless he loses an arm or something this season, Dez will command more money than Lee: it's the nature of the positions. And from the way he looked at the end of last season and throughout preseason, I'm not sure a one-armed Dez wouldn't get $7M/year.
  8. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Teh values you guys are showing are the values of his total contract ie iniital 2 years + extension. Thus it being 7 years. OTOH, Lee's contract is not listed as such. If you want to compare apples to apples then you can tack on the initial years from Lee's deal and his pittance from a 2nd round contract.

    He is also making 1/3 the guaranteed money. $29, vs. $10m. This is the key anyway.

    We have him signed for longer, for less money overall, much less guaranteed, and all of this three years later.
  9. bkight13

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    Willis signed a 5/50m extension with 29m gtd
    Lee signed a 6/42m extension(can go up to 51m) with 16m gtd

    Lee still hasn't reached Willis' level, but he may do it very soon. A very good deal for both parties.
  10. Galian Beast

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    Many teams desire that single solitary franchise player, we see it often.

    Harvin got a 1st a 3rd and a 7th, isn't as skilled as Dez and had major injury concerns. I think we might be able to get 2 first for Dez. And if that as on the table, I would take it.
  11. Venger

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    I think you just answered your own question...
  12. jimnabby

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    I honestly don't think two 1sts would be enough for me. Depends on the team and the circumstances, of course. If it's the Raiders offering, I may take it; if it's the 49ers, I don't. If I'm clearly in rebuilding mode, I grab it. But future 1st-round picks are very different from a prior 1st-round pick that has turned into one of the best players in the league. The hit probability just isn't that high, even in the 1st.

    Anything more than that, though, and I'm all ears.
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  13. BAZ

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    Ouch, Steven Jones does not "like" this.
  14. Galian Beast

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    It's not even just the picks, which help you put 2 potentially great players on the field, but also the money you save and can use else where. Only 5 players on our team cost more than 5 million this year. You can sign at least 3 veteran studs with that money.

    So overall you're getting 5 stud players for 1... And yeah Dez is great, he is amazing. But he isn't worth 5 players.... that's HALF an offense or defense...
  15. jimnabby

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    Okay, that's extremely optimistic. What are the odds that those two 1st-rounders are "studs"? I just looked at the 2008-10 drafts. Thirty of those guys have made at least one Pro Bowl (and the 2010 guys had the highest number: that was a strong draft). Okay, Dez hasn't made it so it's not a perfect measure, but then again, some guys who aren't studs sneak into one. So, let's call it a one in three chance of getting a stud with a 1st-rounder. I'll be generous and say you get one stud with your two picks. The real problem is that you're not signing veteran "studs" at $5M/year. The guards we were screaming for here last year, Nicks and Grubbs, signed for $9M and $7M per year, respectively. Heck, Laurent Robinson signed for $6+M/year after one good season. And those guys aren't remotely studs on the Dez level of studliness. Plus, 1st-rounders don't come all that cheap, so signing two extra ones chews up a chunk of that $15M. So no, you're not getting 5 studs for one, not remotely.
  16. Red Dragon

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    In my opinion, Sean Lee is the linebacker that Bobby Carpenter was supposed to be but wasn't. Here's hoping Lee plays even better this season and in the future to come.
  17. Galian Beast

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    Wow what a load of terrible arguments.

    I didn't say pro bowlers I said studs. The vast majority of players don't reach the pro bowl, doesn't mean they don't play at a high level. See Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, Dez Bryant, e.t.c. It's not an accurate measure AT ALL.

    Second don't just look at the highest paid players, or players the got paid well after a single years effort. There are tons of free agents every year that get paid less than they are worth... Are you new here?
  18. jimnabby

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    Oy. So now you're redefining "stud" down to "decent player". Got it. And you're assuming that we can hit on two first-rounders and also find three inexpensive free agents that outperform their contracts. And since that's all a guarantee (and amounts to five "studs"), we should prefer that to signing Dez. Right. Sorry, can't quite bring myself to live in that fantasy world.
  19. bkight13

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    This team is closer to "one player away" than a need for a 5 player rebuild. Dez is definitely that player. We can easily keep Bryant and sign him to an extension next year. Even if he gets 12m/yr the big cap hits won't come until 2017. Just keep drafting well(G, DL, S are the only real holes) and win now.
  20. Galian Beast

    Galian Beast Well-Known Member

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    I like how you said that we are one player away and then go on to name 3 areas where we need help.

    DT (maybe even 2)
    S (maybe even 2)

    With that money we could have signed any free agent guard save Levtire or a top safety, minus perhaps Goldson

    We could have signed Elvis Dumervil

    We could have signed any dt on the market this year.

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