News: ST: Terrance Williams eager to see his old Baylor quarterback, but they'll save the talking...

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    Terrance Williams says he’s going to be happy to see his former college quarterback, Robert Griffin III, on Sunday. But, they both have a game to play, he said.

    “During the game, I can’t talk to him,” Williams said. “After the game, I sure will be able to talk to him.”

    Williams caught the game-winning touchdown catch against No. 5 Oklahoma in 2011 for Baylor, one of the plays that propelled Griffin to the Heisman Trophy.

    It is one of Williams’ favorite memories, but he and Griffin – who talk once or twice a week – don’t spend a lot of time covering old games.

    “Nah, we just pick up on how we’re doing,” Williams said. “Just leave football off to the side. I just want to see how he’s doing, and he sees how I’m doing.”

    Griffin told DFW reporters in a conference call Wednesday that thinking about old times with Williams makes him sad.

    “Terrance is a great player, and he knows how I feel about him, and I’m glad he’s able to shine down there in Dallas,” Griffin said. “All the guys that are in the league – him, Josh Gordon, Kendall Wright – all my receivers that are playing well with other teams, it gives you flashbacks to what we did in college, and that was a lot of fun to watch. And hopefully we’ll all reunite eventually.”

    Told what Griffin said, Williams laughed.

    “It was one of the best experiences I’ve had,” he said. “That’s college. But we’re with whole different teams now. Those are good stories we can always bring up when we go back to Baylor.”

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    Hope Williams has a good game, and continues to improve.

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