News: ST: Ware says Saints exposed Cowboys defense having to use inexperienced players

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    Defensive end DeMarcus Ware said a team like the Saints will take advantage of a defense that doesn’t have its most experienced players, like the Cowboys on Sunday night.

    “I mean, when you have five guys, six of the starters out, the best way to fix it is get your guys back,” Ware said, asked what the Cowboys can do to get better following the 49-17 loss. “Sometimes you have guys in there who sort of don’t know what they’re doing because it’s probably their first time playing in a long time. When you have a team that doesn’t make mistakes and sort of exposes you that way, with those guys that are in the game, that’s what they did. So you’ve got to get the guys back who know what’s going on and use that bye week to make a big push.”

    Ware said the scheme is fine.

    “It’s the play. You’ve got to be fundamentally sound,” he said. “It’s so simple, but the thing is you’ve got to be fundamentally sound when you’re doing it.”

    Ware said it was a helpless feeling for him when he wasn’t in the game. He aggravated his quadriceps injury on a sack in the second quarter and was in and out of the game. He said the leg is good, however.

    “I’m doing everything I can not to let it happen again,” he said. “It was something minor on the sack. The play I got the sack, it’s just my knee hit the ground and tweaked it a little bit, and it was like that the whole game.”

    Ware said he’s optimistic about playing in the Giants game, and he looked back on the season as a whole as the Cowboys hit their bye week.

    “It was a lot of ups and downs,” he said. “There wasn’t enough consistency like we needed. Right now we’re half and half. We’re at 5-5. We’ve got to find some way to take this bye weekend and rejuvenate ourselves, get all the guys back and come to the table with a relentless demeanor of trying to win every game out.”

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    Nobody is discounting the fact that we had third string players and players off the street out there that wouldn't have been playing w/out all of our injuries.

    I think the problem we have is that the depth we have is/was not what is required in the NFL to be successful consistently. This won't go away due to coaching and we will take years of solid drafting and proper free agent acquisitions to fix.

    The other major problem is the fact that our offense, which is generally healthy for this time of year in the NFL (1 major lineman out, 1 starting WR out), could do nothing against a Rob Ryan defense that appeared to shut the passing game down, even though the All-22 is showing otherwise. Romo appears to be at fault for some of this as players looked open. Hoping he was just off.
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    The problems in that Saints game were too numerous to count, but, overall, third downs just killed us. Getting very little pressure with that patchwork line and then having to play zone coverages behind it was an absolute recipe for disaster. The problem was, didn't have the personnel to do anything but.
    The performance of the offense on third downs is what's killing us on that side of the ball, and there really is no personnel excuse for it. We should have the players to convert in those situations, and even when we're not hurting ourselves with penalties or negative runs, we've been unable to convert way too many third-and-shorts. I don't honestly know why that is or how it could be with Dez, Witten, Beasley, and Romo on the roster, honestly. All of those guys should be money on third and short. Even Murray who's had limited success running but who can also catch the ball out of the backfield. And, as far as I can tell, it's the primary reason Dunbar is on this roster. For a guy who was killing it in camp and preseason, he's been quiet as a church mouse this year so far.
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    One of the problems with the depth is that we were "playing our depth" to start the season. We had the backups starting due to Ratliff and Spencer being out. Then a primary back-up (Crawford) was also out so we were playing 3rd string as a starter. We actually had pretty good depth if not for all the injuries at the beginning. Now, however, you are right that we have to draft new quality players because Rat is gone and Spencer might not be back.
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    We KNEW this going into the game. I personally did not think we were going to win it. Much more interested in beating the Giants. But it would help if the OFFENSE...which is playing mostly starters....could get a first down and KEEP the INEXPERIENCED defense off the field. That is our ONLY chance going forward!
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    Ware making excuses smh. Let the fans say that!
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    Yep, this is what happens when you trade multiple players for a single player. Jerry hasn't learned his lesson in 20 years of running this team.

    Maybe those wasted 2nd rounders used on backup TE's could have been used in other positions.
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    to ware

    in other news, water is wet
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    You mean like he traded down and got Fredbeard and TWill last April. Oh wait........
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    Clearly an indictment on management. We went into a season with an old defensive line, some of them coming off injuries and did nothing to adress the position in the offseason. Watch how this upcoming off-season we overreact and bring in more than is needed like we did last year with the CB position. Our management reacts as opposed to anticipate the needs. The only position where we anticipate the process is at TE and we keep developing them for other teams.
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    Given the defense's state of disarray I would fully expect the team to struggle in every game, but the offense's continued buffoonery is just too much to stomach.

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