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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by robert70x7, Mar 13, 2012.

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    This section is DEAD today! It's amazing how wrapped up we are in in the Fan Zone and I wanted to take my mind off of it for a little bit. Assuming we sign Carr and maybe Orton, here's what I got. Going to stick to 5 rounds.

    14 - David DeCastro (G, Stanford)
    45 - Brandon Thompson (DT, Clemson)
    82 - Chase Minnifield (CB, Virginia)
    113 - Philip Blake (C, Baylor)
    144 - Jarius Wright (WR, Arkansas)

    Brandon Thompson falls for whatever reason, but many sites have him as a first round grade. Could help our defensive line out and could spell Ratliff on certain downs.

    DeCastro and Minnifield are two picks that I have felt strongly about since my first couple of mocks. I really feel like we go OL and CB in rounds 1-3.

    I know there is talk about Kowalski playing center, but if Blake is there at round 4, why not? Our problems are on the interior line and this could definitely help.

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