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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by McLovin, Sep 17, 2013.

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    I have long championed quick starts and getting up early on the other team. Historically this team rarely ( I believe 1 time in 2012) scored 2 TDs (>13 points) in the first half. The winning % when a team in the NFL scores >14 is greater than 75%.

    Having an efficient offense also helps the defense as the other team will press more and perhaps become more 1 dimensional (ie.. like the cowboys have had to be).

    That said, I ran across the this BTB article and the last 3 paragraphs were very well put:
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    Defenses know what we're going to do out of the gate and through out the game.

    Basically our offense is designed to go where the defense supposedly has a soft spot.

    So don't expect this to change with any consistency in the Jason Garrett era. Teams know what we're going to do.
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    Sometimes it seems like Jason Garrett gameplans around keeping the score as tight as possible and try to kick the winning FG as the time moved to zero. It seems like the idea of having a 3 TD lead makes him uncomfortable. Perhaps it was the Lions game that did this to him.
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    I don't believe we keep the games close because of any sort of plan. We keep the games close because we don't execute well enough to get big leads.

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