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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Nov 14, 2013.

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    Unless they're kickers...
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    I think it's both to be honest. But, I do believe the culture part is something that does contribute to the team, because something is fundamentally wrong, that is for sure.

    And, players that cannot stay healthy contributes to it.
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    I'm sure the "older core" does care. But I think it's pretty clear that were not going to win anything with them. Never have before.

    They only have a handful of seasons left in them and I doubt we will be able to turn it around before they're gone. Might as well move them while they still have some value and start preparing for the future by going with the youth movement. We need to think about who our qb of the future is going to be.

    The "younger core" seems to have more fire than the older guys. Less content with mediocrity. Time to pass the torch to those young guys if this season is another total failure. The "older core" and JG have had there chances.
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    They are documented by media and fans who speculate. But when a coach with first hand knowledge comes out in defense of Jerry you want to turn a blind eye? Im sure theres been bonehead decisions made by jerry. And he's admitted to alot. He's even said himself that with the outcomes the Cowboys have had over the yrs he wouldve fired himself if he wasnt Jerry. But to think the guy hasnt given coaches what theyve asked for is ignorant especially when Parcells has said the opposite.
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    Im sure they do care, but they have went thru the motions their entire careers this specific way. And the culture of this team wont change until these players are gone.
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    I have become so weary of fans like the OP who want to tell me to root for another team or get used to the losing with this leadership.

    Thanks, partner, but I have invested a lifetime in this franchise and I will continue watching, rooting for them, and speaking out against the stupidity, thank you.

    But nice to see you see what some of us saw at the beginning of pre-season.
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    You need to find another team to root for!

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    Yea i agree. Romo & witten along with ware come off to me as losers. And ifs its the culture thats bad the only way to change it is bringin in new players & staff.
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    And this is a bunch of bull fans make up to try to back up their reasoning, but really it's all made up nonsense. So you're basically saying our "Romo era core guys" don't give 100% every game? If so, that's a bunch of bull, just because they don't throw tantrums on the sidelines doesn't mean they like losing and they're not giving it their best effort. What it does mean is that they know how to conduct themselves properly like a professional, and they're much more mature then say, Dez. I'm not knocking Dez for it, it's just his personality, but for you to knock those guys on that is just silly.

    I 100% agree with you here, it does seem odd that we have constant injuries, and especially hamstring injuries. Time to find a new strength and conditioning trainer/program.

    Those guys have a certain culture they bring to their teams and the players buy into it. Those guys like to keep stuff in house and focus on being a team, rather then say having their own radio show to talk about injuries/players/defense/offense/coaches, there's just no good in doing that stuff. With the way Jerry Jones has his hands on everything, we would never get the opportunity at a coach like that because they want to control everything so they can change the culture of the team. We also wouldn't see the tirades on the sidelines if we had an actual HC, but nope.
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    Do people even read anymore? now ur saying that i said they dont go 100%? Now i see why regulars have stopped posting here.
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    I read it just fine, you're comparing 2 groups, the "Romo core", and the "future" guys. While talking about the "Romo core" you're saying they don't really care wether they win or lose, then you also say they've never taken responsibility and have let it fall on the coaches. Then you start talking about the "future" guys. You say these guys "are tired of the losing, who are the guys coming out voicing displeasure. Publics and on the sidlines. Out of the field giving it all playing desperate for wins." You're comparing TWO groups here, you insinuated the first group doesn't do those things by posting it the way you did. I'm not sure if that was your intention or not, but that's how YOU posted it.

    And yes, I see why regulars have stopped posting here as well, I'm sure they got tired reading your made up garbage propping up other players while in the same paragraph knocking down others. Learn to proof read before you post, because you DID insinuate that.
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    You and me both agree on the coaching situation, and I'm not one of those fans that hopes "Jerry the owner fires Jerry the GM". I know it's not happening so I don't waste time complaining much about it. But I'm not gonna sit here and say Jerry is a good GM. That's my only issue with what you're suggesting.

    I don't agree w your assessment of the players who are okay w losing either but I don't care to debate that issue.
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    Im not saying he's good or bad. Im just stating what Parcells has said. That Jerry would rather be blamed rather than have his coaches take heat.

    And i didnt say their ok with losing. I just have never seen Romo go into a interview saying "i shouldnt have forced this throw and i know better" Even that would be accepted as a resonce of accountability in alot of eyes. His responses are usually "well we just have to find the problem and fix it" him forcing throws was the problem.

    thats the type of lack of accountability that Romo Witten Ware have. The difference between them and Lee, lee has come right out and said he's embarrassed of how they play. Thats a guy who knows the guys playing on the field are ones who have to win the game.

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