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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Juke99, Oct 31, 2004.

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    hard to belive how many probowlers we had...
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  4. Juke99

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    Don't it can go there and get lost for an hour as if it was 5 minutes...great site...I can't believe the guy compiled all that information.
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    He did a great job on that site... It's so cool to be able to go there and find any given stat on a season, player or coach. I love how he even has Tom Landry's player stats.
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    Boy, if a QB were to put up aikmans numbers now people would ***** and complain lol.
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    Okay, that's a great site, but looking at it depressed me.

    I did not realize, we have had a worse run of mediocrity since our SuperBowl years, than we did back in mid-eighties. We really only had 5 bad years back then (It seemed like forever). We've been bad since 1997. Ugh.
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    Yeah it is a bit sobering...more than a bit.

    I am just floored when I see this site because it has a TON of stats. It's also cool to go back and look at the stats on those early teams.

    And btw, welcome to the CowboysZone.

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    I like that site, but I wish it had the boxscore of the 59-14 beating of San Francisco in 1980.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I went back and looked at some stats broken down into 10-year chunks:

    1997-2006 -- 73-87, 45.6%, 0-4, 1, 0-0
    1987-1996 -- 88-71, 55.3%, 12-3, 5, 3-0
    1977-1986 - 103-48, 68.2%, 10-7, 5, 1-1
    1967-1976 - 102-37, 73.4%, 10-8, 7, 1-2

    We have gone through some rough periods in the past like:

    1960-1965 - 27-55, 32.9%
    1986-1990 - 25-54, 31.6%

    But those were when we were an expansion team without any help and in the midst of rebuilding.

    Our stretch of 20 consecutive winning seasons from 1966-1985 are the best ever for an NFL franchise:

    1966-1985 - 209-80, 72.3%, 20-16, 13, 2-3

    The stretch from 1991-1996 wasn't bad either:

    1991-1996 - 70-26, 72.9%, 12-3, 5, 3-0

    We have had some great teams in the past and I hope that with some new leadership at the helm we can be again.

    Go Cowboys!!!
  12. Juke99

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    YIKES. That is SOME breakdown.

    And ya know, for some of us who have been rooting for this team from the beginning...or very's really been a pretty awful run for a while now.

    Better things coming...I hope.

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    One of my favorite stretches was from 1970 - 1982 when we went at least as far as the NFC Title game for 10 of those 13 years.

    I dare say that stretch is likely unmatched in modern NFL history.

    And yes this is indeed an awesome site that I have visited in the past but lost the link to.

    Props to the creation of this little niche in the Zone.
  14. Juke99

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    I spend alot of time here...

    It's great to revisit the glory years.


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