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    Decided to post it over here, too...

    [size=+1]Former running back 'starting over' with new real estate division

    [size=-1]11:39 PM CDT on Thursday, May 12, 2005 [/size]

    [size=-1]By STEVE QUINN / The Dallas Morning News [/size]

    Roger Staubach never threw a pass to Emmitt Smith, but the former Dallas Cowboys are on the same team now.

    The two became business partners this week, forming a new retail division of Mr. Staubach's Addison-based real estate firm, the Staubach Co.

    Mr. Smith is majority owner of Smith/Cypress Partners, one of three retail divisions at the Staubach Co. along with Staubach Retail and Cypress Equities. The minority business enterprise, a joint venture with Cypress Equities, will be involved in real estate development.

    Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.

    Mr. Staubach said he and Mr. Smith, 35, had discussed working together for several years, and the former running back thoroughly understands what's at hand.

    "He's got to know that it is a starting-over type situation, yet he's mature, young, and he's smart," Mr. Staubach said.

    Chris Maguire, president of Staubach Retail and Cypress Equities, said Mr. Smith brings a high profile and solid reputation.

    "He opens doors for us; he's got a whole set of contacts and relationships we think may have some value," Mr. Maguire said. "Emmitt's name and the way he conducted himself throughout his career are similar to Roger's. What he doesn't have is that deep track record in retail development. We have that here."

    Mr. Smith, who was unavailable for comment, spent 13 of his 15 years with the Cowboys and retired in January with an NFL career-high 18,355 rushing yards. He holds a degree in public recreation from the University of Florida.

    In a prepared statement, he said: "I'm ready to get started in a business. I've considered launching for a long time and am looking forward to growing the partnership of Smith/Cypress Partners."

    Dan Howard, chairman of Southern Methodist University's Cox School of Business marketing department, said Mr. Smith's on-field performance is a good start. But having a career that "was basically unblemished by the activities of many of his colleagues in football" enhances his brand in the business world.

    "The question is, what attributes is he going to bring to a business that's going to translate into sales?" Mr. Howard asked. "I'm sure Roger Staubach gave it due consideration with respect to the amount of money that could be generated with Emmitt Smith as a minority business owner."

    Mr. Staubach, too, had no real estate experience when he began his real estate career under Henry S. Miller Jr.

    He said the business will be a learning experience for Mr. Smith.

    "He's going to have to find out if he still has that fire and commitment he had on the field," Mr. Staubach said. "It will take time to understand [the business] and have the humility of listening and learning from people."

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    I'd give anything to be an apprentice in retail to Staubach. Smart move, E.

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