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    Pick just before the cowboys at #17
    Not really helpful when they have similar needs.

    Still worth beating the steelers. Highlight game of
    the year.
  2. Leadbelly

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    Wouldn't seem to be a team we're competing with for OL.

    2010: r1 - Mike Pouncey, C
    2011: r2 - Marcus Gilbert, T
    2012: r1 - Decastro, G | r2 - Mike Adams, T

    Their fans are mocking ILB and Safety. Maybe WR, with Mike Wallace sure to move on as a FA. Maybe OLB depending on how they feel about Worilds and with Harrison turning 35.

    The nice thing is they almost never trade their 1st. Nobody is going to hop right in front of us by trading with Pittsburgh.
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    Hopefully they don't look for Casey Hamptons replacment in the first.

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