Stephen A. Smith said it best...

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    Constantly carrying the team on his back and picking himself off the turf in Mile High Stadium.

    Shanahan comes in after Elway has a huge blow out with Reeves and says we are going to get you help.

    They hit the jackpot with Terrell Davis, lines up Shannon Sharp, Rod Smith and Ed McCaffrey and rolls onto back to back Superbowls.

    John Elway was laways a good QB, but not an elite QB is the sense that he could take the entire team on his shoulders and will the team to win all by himself.

    John has many years of failure until Shanahan came up with a different idea.

    To me John owes his Hall of Fame status to Shanahan.
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    Co signed
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    How far did we get? 8-8 and no playoffs?

    What an accomplishment !!!

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