Stephen A. Smith vs. Cowboys Nation

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TheCowboy, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. TheCowboy

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    For all of you who have a twitter, Stephen A. Smith is currently in a little bit of heat from Cowboys fans. Some fans even threating him. He really hates the cowboys. Here's some tweets:

    Stephen B ‏@SBozz9SSP 21m
    @stephenasmith don't come to Texas talkin that smack about the Cowboys. We will find you

    Puh-leeze, @mattstanley10 Nobody twisted a damn thing about @DezBryant. I said he can ball. The Cowboys just stink, that's all. #FalseHype!

    Pay attention @FearTheTurtle24. I'll give any member of the Cowboys are hard time. They stink! Damn shame they're called AMERICA'S TEAM!

    He can say something if he wants to, @TomSheldon22. Nobody's running from @DezBryant. I didn't diss him any different than any other Cowboy

    They stink, @TomSheldon22. Tell @DezBryant to call me when the Cowboys make the playoffs and stop getting spanked by NFC Foes @ season end

    Nope, @Stringer_B_. Don't care too either. All I know is 2K yards doesn't equal playoffs. He's been home watching -- like me -- last 2 years

    Spare me, @TravisMays33. He's a Cowboy. They twist stuff up all the time by trying to act like America's Team. America: nation of WINNERS

    Make the damn playoffs, @Will_IKeelYou. And I'll shut up. Until then......HOW 'BOUT THEM COWBOYS!

    And you're a Cowboys lover, @mattstanley10 so that makes you God? SHALLOP!

    Stephen A Smith ‏@stephenasmith 10m
    I have no question about @DezBryant, @Jhooks42. He's bigtime. But the Cowboys STINK! Period. Stop twisting things. Make the damn playoffs.

    Stephen A Smith ‏@stephenasmith 5m
    You're America's JOKE, @_G_NO. How many playoff appearances/victories have you had in the last 17 Years? Kick rocks with that damn nonsense

    Stephen A Smith ‏@stephenasmith 2m
    The Cowboys are that Fine-as-Hell woman that keeps saying "Yes" to a date and "No" to every nightcap, @hsouza14. Spending all you $$$.:)
  2. juck

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    Hes right. Hopefully the players wake up.
  3. TheCowboy

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    Probably his last tweet on the Cowboys...

    Stephen A Smith ‏@stephenasmith 10m
    Who gives a damn. Cowboys fans should look at their team then punch themselves for rooting for them!
  4. BIGDen

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    Thanks for bringing this trash in here. Smith is a moron and a jerk. He is about as bad as it gets.
  5. Apollo Creed

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    Sigh, wouldn't even exchange jabs with this guy.

    'A wise man told me don't argue with fools, cause people from a distance can't tell who is who.'

    Being the team of the 90s with 3 rings in 4 years against far more prolific competition almost gives us a free pass for 20 years of futility.
  6. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    Yeah, honestly why do people still pay attention to these 2 fools, Bayless & Smith?
  7. DandyDon1722

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    You know're right. What has he said that's wrong. The truth hurts but we're such an easy target now that the haters have their way with us.

    For as much as I defend Romo it's the same with the team. Win and this all goes away. Keep going 8-8 and we deserve it.
  8. venky

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    I don't hate Skip Bayless or Stephen A. because I know they're both paid actors and they get fools to talk about them. I wish I had their jobs.
  9. Trendnet

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    Yep, your a fan of skip and smith alright.

    Way to go Cowboys 'fan'.
  10. The Natural

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    I missed it, what did the two stooges say about Dez this morning?
  11. burmafrd

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    Smith and Bayless are two that if they were laying on the ground on fire I would add gasoline.
  12. Gameover

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    we agree!
  13. Zordon

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  14. The Natural

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    Thanks, gonna check these two buffoons out at halftime of this game
  15. Picksix

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    Like these guys care one bit about whether Dez is a team-first or me-first player. Just gives them something to rag about. But seriously, I could give a leaping, flying fart what that dude thinks about anything. I have more class in my left pinky than he has altogether.
  16. juck

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    Now that's being a pure idiot there.
  17. TheCowboy

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    Agreed. I lost all respect for this man.
  18. WPBCowboysFan

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    You actually had some at one time? :lmao2:
  19. landroverking

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  20. Clove

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    It sucks being at the bottom.

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