News: Stephen Jones describes emotional Cowboys locker room after win in Cincinnati

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    “There was just so much emotion and certainly very contained,” Jones described Monday on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM]. “A lot of tears, just hard to describe.”

    “It was obviously a bittersweet situation yesterday,” Jones said. “Obviously our players, coaches, organization gave a gutsy performance, especially the players. I’ve never seen anything like it, walking in the locker room after a win and obviously very much bittersweet.”

    “We’re just getting our hands around all this,” Jones said. “We always want, in terms of the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL, to do the best we can for the people who make our game special, and that’s our players. They’re young men who are in the early stages of their adult life. We offer lots of resources and do lots of things to try to make them better people. But if you look at the country in general, there’s young people all around the country that have these types of issues, young adults that are maturing and learning to make good decisions and don’t always do so.

    “Certainly, our players fall in that same category. But I don’t think it’s something that’s just relegated to football. It obviously gets brought to the forefront and hopefully if there’s anything that comes from this, it’ll make young people check, old people check, middle-aged people check that you have to make good, sound decisions or you can certainly change lives and end lives if you don’t make good decisions.”

    “This team’s about family and he’s in this family,” Jones said of Josh Brent. “Obviously heavy hearts here, but we’re getting our hands around everything. Certainly as we progress we’ll speak more to it. Right now we’re in the early stages of this. It’s really unfair to talk about much of anything right now.”

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