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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WG5516, Apr 22, 2010.

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    I remember my Uncle who is a HUGE Cowboys Fan was high on Secules and desperately hoped we would pick Mandarich. Now that was a loaded draft.
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    Great thread, but this was my favorite line of all. :laugh2:
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    This was an epic thread Thread Starter. Had my highs and lows during the thread. Was super nervous (the pics before us) everytime I saw Roger Goodell begin to call off a name (hoping it wasn't Dez). My hands were shaking (of joy) and typing after the trade to move up.

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    I was watching the war room feed most of the night, Wade was cracking me up. It looked like he was just sitting there daydreaming most of the night as Jerry and Stephen were working the phones and the director of scouts was getting up to inspect the big board and pacing the floor. I think he was trying to calculate how many catfish he would have to catch if he wanted to host a catfish fry for the whole room. At one point he caught himself and walked up to the big board and adjusted one of the name plates just to make it look like he was doing something.
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    I heard once about a young bull and an old bull staring through a very tall barbed wire fence looking at a pasture full of cows. "I'm gonnna jump that fence and go find me a cow," the young bull said. The old bull replied, "I'm going to walk right through and get the whole herd."

    Wade just doesn't seem to get too worked up about things. He's laid back and calm about a lot of this, and I think he's fine with coaching any good player you give him. I like that kind of personality, and I think it's good for this team.
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    :lmao: I caught him doing that as well. It was one of the few times he got up. I love Coach Wade, but he's hilarious.
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    I really enjoyed myself last night. I'm not a draft guru or anything, but I knew who Dez Bryant was and he was "my guy". I know a lot of folks that didn't want the him, but you can't downplay his talent.
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    With our owner it's almost a must. Jerry like Wade and vice versa. Most of the fans and players like Jerry too, so it's good for everyone. Not to mention, he's a good coach.

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