Twitter: Stephen Jones on The Ticket Tweetcap - 05/30/14

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, May 30, 2014.

  1. big dog cowboy

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    I remember reading that 2-3 years ago.
  2. AsthmaField

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    My last name is Jones. Maybe I can somehow work my name in there, nobody notices and they inadvertently give me part of the team.

    If it works... drinks are on me.
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  3. Randy White

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    Let me add something to this: The perfect example is what happened to the Lakers after the best owner in sports ( Dr. Jerry Buss ) past away. His children took over the franchise in a very smooth, trouble free, transition.

    There are ways around the inheritance tax, or at least most of it. The only way it becomes a factor is if the inheritors do not want to keep it and the way the Jones family are invested in the franchise, it's almost identical to the Lakers situation.
  4. tantrix1969

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    Iirc that was the interview where he said he expects Stephen to be GM after him
  5. Fredd

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    I think it kinda funny that with all of the "bites" that Stevie gave, the majority of the posts in here are about the most definitive/"ain't" gonna change item in selling the team....desire is such a strong emotion (fan's desire to get a new owner)
  6. Wood

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    I am thinking that might be only way out of this hostage situation.
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  7. xwalker

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    You have to start with drinks...with Jerry...
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  8. DanTanna

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    I've read every thread today and this is my takeaway:

  9. starfrombirth

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    That's the truth :D
  10. RS12

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    Buss family only owns 60% of the Lakers and at the time of Jerry Buss death was valued at 1 Billion with the family share around 600 million, much easier to come with and plan for tax on that amount than 4-5 Billion.
  11. DallasEast

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    Same people should hope he develops (real) dementia. Jerry Jones has uttered crap every year he has owned the team, but he has not said anything publicly that anywhere close to what's been heard or witnessed for years within Donald Sterling's stratosphere.

    Perhaps what is needed is an inside man. Maybe some of the same people should pay V.Stinano to look Jones's way? I ain't saying she's a golddigger...

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I believe that not only will Jerry NEVER sell. I believe that he will stipulate after his death that the cowboys remain in the jones family for many eons to come.
  13. jobberone

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    Imagine that. Thanks for posting.
  14. Staubacher

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    The most offensive thing he ever said was in 2009 "this is a special teams draft".

    He should have been stripped of ownership then and there.
  15. BigStar

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    If one truly wanted to catch JJ in a "so bad, impossible to take back comment territory" you would have to get Larry or one oh his drinking buddies to wear a wire. God only knows the dirt that could be built upon;) It would be one of the slimiest things a person could do, but do the ends justify the means?:D

    Even in that scenario, JJ's influence would get him out of just about any predicament; even a Clippers Owner level gaffe.
  16. Redball Express

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    And Stephen will succeed him.

  17. Fredd

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    Again, about 6 othere things in Stevie's notes from the OP and this thread is ONLY focused on one that is the most obvious and not up for discussion....good times
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  18. DallasEast

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    Good point. It is something I have said for years. People cannot wrap their minds around Jerry Jones. Jones is so adamant about being an integral part of football operations that some refuse to accept the real life situation just as strongly or even more defiantly.

    The Bryant comments are discussion worthy. An extension would cross off one more potential distraction for the season. Both sides know Bryant deserves the extension. What is an equitable compromise though? Hopefully, both sides of the negotiation will keep haggling in a civilized fashion and work their way to a mutually satisfying deal. Last thing the team needs is the media pestering players and coaches about Bryant feeling disgruntled over contract talks or the front office being vaguely uncooperative about a contract resolution.
  19. ufcrules1

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    Stephen is dumb too but I don't think he is an egomaniac like his dad. I could be wrong about that though.
  20. daveferr33

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    Please forgive them.

    But many simply believe that an owner pretending to be a GM is a fatal flaw that will continue to doom this organization until said owner dies or sells the team.

    That explains the focus on the one thing that will not change--its the one thing that needs to change.

    You probably think that because it won't change its probably not worth discussing.

    Others think that specific and mundane roster moves, coaching or scheme changes, are not worth discussing because the team is fatally flawed.

    I choose a middle path, but I understand the thinking behind the extremes.
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