News: Stephen Jones Says Cowboys ‘Absolutely’ Can Make Playoffs

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by felix360, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Stephen Jones Says Cowboys ‘Absolutely’ Can Make Playoffs Posted 1 hour ago

    Nick Eatman Staff Writer Follow nickeatman on Twitter

    With five games to go and a 5-6 record, it doesn’t look ideal for the Cowboys here down the stretch.

    They’ve only won two games consecutively once this year and obviously it will take a stretch of wins here to get into the playoffs, either winning the NFC East or clinching a Wild Card spot.

    Throw in the fact the Cowboys haven’t had a winning record in the month of December since 2001 and it looks even more treacherous.

    But Cowboys VP Stephen Jones isn’t wavering in his confidence, especially when asked if his team still has a legitimate chance to make the playoffs.

    “Absolutely … we’ll battle to the end,” Jones said Monday. “We have just as good a chance as anyone else. We’re a game out of the Wild Card. Two games out of the division lead. We’re going to fight and play hard. We’ve played a lot of these good teams and we feel like on any given Sunday we can play with them.”

    While injuries are obviously piling up, with four defensive starters now on injured reserve, including Bruce Carter who was place on IR Monday, Jones said there are no excuses and no team is feeling sorry for them.

    “That’s part of our game,” Jones said. “Other teams have to deal with it. It’s probably more than normal. There are teams with quarterbacks out, and other key players. We just have to keep battling. And we will.”
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    The team isn't French, just some of the fans and all of the media.
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    Afterall, they still have tickets to sale.
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    Only one team has been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, the Chiefs.
  5. pjtoadie

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    This ^

    What are they going to say with 3 home games left to sell tickets for!
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    the apple doesnt fall far from the tree

    he is learning from the best and it shows
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    There is no "I" in team, there ain't no "We" either. Classic!
  8. slomoxn

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    Tool the words out of my mouth bro.
  9. Joe Rod

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    What is he supposed to say exactly, that they are packing it in? I don't question the desire of the players on this team at all, but I do seriously question the ability.
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    You people complain for nothing.

    The Cowboys CAN make the playoffs, they are still in it. He's not wrong at all. Will they? Maybe not, but people in the organisation need to have hope, if they want to make it.

    Is he supposed to say "Nah, we will lose every game, why even try?"
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    We may win one more game and I may be the biggest homer here. Win the Philly game and that may be it for the year. If this happens, what do you think this team will do with Garrett hostile?
  12. lwehlers

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    make the playoffs really? what team has mr. jones been watching lately to think that this team can actually make a run and win four out five to give itself a chance. no way! 6-10 to 7-9.
  13. CyberB0b

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  14. theebs

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    bottom line.

    This is what this family does, they stay on the radio and the tv at least three times a week to make sure people know there are stadium tours, tickets and events at the stadium.

    Nevermind anything they say about the team because they are just hoping and wishing.

    Jeff Fisher and Mike Shannahan have basically let it be known they are playing for the future and there is no playoffs for this year, shannahan caught flak for that and had to backtrack....All he was being was honest.....he knows and so do most people that the skins are not going to the playoffs.

    In Dallas the jones family will sell sell sell until the end because they cant accept reality.

    sad part is with wins over tb, minnesota, Dallas and new orleans The skins are actually in good shape for the 6 seed.
  15. ScipioCowboy

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    Let's look at the facts: Fighting for the final wild card berth, there are three teams above the Cowboys (5-6) in the win column: Tampa Bay, Seattle, and Minnesota. Each one has a 6-5 record.

    Next week, Tampa Bay plays at Denver, Seattle plays at Chicago, and Minnesota plays at Green Bay. There's an excellent chance that every one of these teams loses -- just like every one lost last week.

    Meanwhile, the Cowboys play at home against a Philadelphia that has thrown in the towel on the season. If they win and the other three teams, there in a tie for the final wildcard spot.

    The Cowboys would have just as much a chance of making the playoffs as those other teams.

    And that's how Garrett should be judged.
  16. Achilleslastand

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    He didnt mention the oceanfront property in Oklahoma he was selling at a low low price of 10 cents an acre?
  17. MrPhil

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    I realize that your post referenced the three teams ahead of us for the last wild card spot, but shouldn't we also look at the teams we are tied with since they are a threat as well? Especially the Redskins who just beat us and now hold the head to head tie breaker.
  18. ScipioCowboy

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    I'm glad you mentioned this because I forgot about it. The Redskins and Saints are both tied with the Cowboys at 5-6. However, the Cowboys control their own fate with these teams because they play both of them over the next five games.

    Also, the Redskins play the Giants next week and the Saints are at Atlanta. Consequently, there's a good possibility they lose as well. There could be as many 5 teams tied at 6-6 next weeks. For all intents and purposes, it would be like a five team tourney for one play off spot.
  19. LatinMind

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    Garrett should be judged by other teams losing to help the Cowboys playoff hopes? Thats ridiculous.

    I have only one hope and thats that Jerry fires Garrett. The guy is a really bad HC. Seems when Romo takes the game out of Garretts hands the team does better.

    This team has been remade twice since 2005. Difference this time is the team is really young. A good HC can come in and win with this team plain and simple because they are really talented.
  20. DFWJC

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    All he said was what is possible. He gave no probabilites and said nothing out of line whatsoever.

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