Stephen Jones suggests new work rules may have contributed to Cowboys injury woes

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 25, 2014.

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    By Calvin Watkins |

    Cowboys officials would like to solve the injury bug, though you can't predict when they may happen.

    "We've looked at it not only through our viewpoint but from a league standpoint," Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said. "And I think there are some issues in the fact that the clubs, with the new work rules, we get our hands on these guys a lot later now."

    "In the little bit of time you like to have them, in a competition strength and conditioning program before they start having their OTAs and minicamps," Jones said. "Obviously that window is shortened. We're trying to figure out (what to do). These guys need to do more work and get themselves prepared for the OTAs and minicamps."

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    It seemed like more.
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    Missed the part of the explanation of how the new rules in particular were hard on the Cowboys.
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    Don't think he said that, he mentioned the league having to adjust.

    This is a Cowboys board, so I put Cowboys in the title.
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    stephen's idiocy is rivaling that of jerry the more he talks

    hey stephen, did the rest of the league with fewer injuries disobey league rules?


    then, maybe, just maybe, it is what the cowboys are doing and not league rules?

    just a thought

    any rational person would look at teams that have the best conditioning and fewer injuries to see what they are doing and emulate that instead of making excuses
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    Don't blame work rules, blame work ethic for these bad hammies.
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    Dallas Cowboys had 12 players listed on their injury report because of hamstring injuries in 2013.

    I think that's a pretty good starting point.

    But don't try to blame it on a set of rules that every other team has to comply with as well.

    I'm not an expert on what they do, but I've never gotten the impression that the Cowboys are cutting edge in the area of training.

    In my opinion, the team does not place a big enough importance on stretching and flexibility exercises and overemphasizes pure strength training.
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    it is not just work ethic, it is also how you train and what you do, and what you eat

    i remember reading a report that chip kelly brought a navy seal to run the eagles conditioning program because of the fast paced nature of the offense and several players were quoted as saying that they felt it really helped them and mccoy was in great condition throughout and said he felt he was getting stronger in the later stages of the game
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    League wide injuries have gone up but teams are also just reporting more minor injuries than before.

    I always thought our issues are probably more related to Woicik's arrival rather than new work rules.

    I could be wrong.
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    Cowboys’ Director of Rehab Wins Asst. Trainer Of Year Award
    Posted Feb 24, 2013
    Britt Brown, an associate trainer and director of rehabilitation, was named NFC assistant trainer of the year, an award that was started a few years ago by Cowboys head athletic trainer Jim Maurer, who remains on the committee.

    While this past season was arguably one of Brown’s busiest of his career as the Cowboys lost so many players to injuries throughout the year, this award was more reflective of Brown’s overall body of work – on and off the field and inside and outside of the training room.

    While Brown is involved in the ultimate team sport of football, he said this award is no different as he gave high praise to Maurer and Greg Gaither, as well has Hanson Yang and all of the team doctors who have been a big part of the athletic trainers and overall medical team.

    “It’s a staff thing, I feel like,” Brown said. “Jim is great for me and Greg both. We really have a great staff. For me to win that - there are so many guys out there that deserve that award and it could’ve easily gone to Greg, too. It’s a tribute to Jim and Greg.”

    This award comes 10 years after the Cowboys’ staff, which included Maurer, Brown and Gaither, won the NFL athletic training staff of the year.

    Read the rest:’-Director-of-Rehab-Wins-Asst-Trainer-Of-Year-Award-/6b48c9db-4388-4139-ae14-eb1573770695
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    SJ sure does like to kid syndrome.
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    Belichick actually pointed this same thing out recently
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    So his boss gave him the award?
  14. dmq

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    I think we came out of that Chicago game in pretty poor shape, so maybe they should eliminate playing when the temperature hits 10 degrees or below.
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    Pretty much everyone is going to be in better shape with a trainer than if they are on their own.
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    The difference is that he's not Steven Jones... and many on the board will simply nod their heads in agreement with Belichick. But if Steven Jones says it... well it's gotta be wrong.
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    He's a winner though, so he can complain about whatever he wants. We're 8-8 losers so we can't complain about anything. Everything bad about the state of the Cowboys is the Cowboys' fault, and what little good there is was luck.

    This is the mentality we must have after another 8-8 season in 2013.
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    For clarity..

    Belichick Questions NFL Offseason Workout Limits
    John Wawrow, AP Sports Writer December 25, 2013 6:09 PM

    ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) — Patriots coach Bill Belichick is blaming recently instituted NFL rules shortening offseason practice time for what he claims to be an increasing number of player injuries.

    “I’m in favor of total preparation for the players for the season,” Belichick said during a conference call with Buffalo reporters this week in leading up to New England’s home[​IMG] game against the Bills on Sunday. “And I think that’s been changed significantly and, I would say, not necessarily for the better when you look at the injury numbers.”

    Belichick said players are more vulnerable to being hurt because they’re less prepared, and described the limits placed on offseason workouts — including training camp — as being counterproductive.

    “Personally, I think that’s taking the wrong approach,” he said. “You have a gap between preparation and competition level. And I think that’s where you see a lot of injuries occurring. We get a lot of breakdowns. We get a lot of situations that players just aren’t as prepared as they were in previous years, in my experience anyway.”

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    To say nothing of how well the team played down the stretch, winning 7 of their last 8 games.
  20. stasheroo

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    While Belichick's team is in the playoffs every year, if not the Championship game or Super Bowl.

    Or the fact that Belichick actually earned his position.

    Other than those minor differences, they're practically identical!
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