News: Stephen Jones: There’s no telling where the Cowboys might be without Tony Romo

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    By Jon Machota / Special Contributor
    1:19 pm on December 3, 2012 | Permalink

    Neither Tony Romo nor Jason Garrett wanted to spend much time talking about Romo’s recent record following the Cowboys’ 38-33 victory over the visiting Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night.

    During the post game press conference, Garrett, who played with Aikman, said the record is “not our real focus now.” Romo, who had just played his best game of the season, responded that the achievement “kind of gets put aside when you’re playing and right in the middle of where we are at with the playoff picture.”

    Surely, someone had to put Romo’s big day into perspective. After all, he was probably the most important factor in the victory, throwing for 303 yards and three touchdowns on 22-of-27 passing.

    His thoughts didn’t come immediately after the game, but Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones discussed Romo’s accomplishment and the impact he’s made on the franchise since becoming the starting quarterback in 2006.

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    Oh there is telling.

    Worse, no doubt.

    The only no telling part is whether or not they could muster enough wins to avoid being the 2007 Dolphins or even worse, the 2008 Lions.

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