Steriling hires PI Firms to investigate Commish and Owners

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    The question is, will it cost them more now?
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    doubtful. Unless they can come up with truly nasty dirt most people will be the 'meh.'

    Bottom line is that Sterling pissed in his own nest yet will end up with 2 billion. The NBA will get rid of him and in a year no one will care.
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    Bottom line: unless the dirt is any of the following:

    1. Recordings of other owners making openly racist remarks.
    2. Hard evidence of other owners harassing, demeaning, and otherwise treating minority tenants with contempt.

    It is going to be nothing to see. Nobody cares. He committed one of the biggest sins - bigotry. And even then, saying "well I'm a bigot, but so is this guy" doesn't exactly vindicate you, does it? No, you're still a bigoted piece of ****.
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    There is no doubt the guy is a ****** bag and what he said was reprehensible but I do have an issue with the way it was brought to the public's attnetion. This will be interesting.
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    A Forbes article indicated tax advantages to the Sterlings' (Tokowitzs) if they are forced to sell their team.

    One of the points against S (T), one that hasn't gotten much traction, is that he didn't want to pay a white player serious money. His PIs should be able to come up with other owners who hold that view.

    The PIs may be interesting in finding investors with deep pockets who were behind violating his privacy rights in order to get at the Clippers.
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    There is no privacy rights issue. There was a third party present during the recording and therefore the reasonable expectation of privacy is destroyed.
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