Steve Smith questionable for opener

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by KD, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. KD

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    Anyone catch this?

    Panthers WR Smith questionable for opener[​IMG] wire reports

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Sept. 6, 2006) -- Carolina Panthers All-Pro receiver Steve Smith has more hamstring trouble and is questionable for the Sept. 10 season oener game against Atlanta.

    Smith, who missed 17 days of training camp with a strained left hamstring, did not practice because of pain in his right hamstring.

    Coach John Fox said Smith suffered the injury in practice Sept. 5.

    "He tweaked his other hamstring and we rested him today," Fox said. "We'll see how he looks tomorrow."

    Smith injured his left hamstring during the second practice of training camp July 29. He missed more than two weeks with the injury before returning to practice on a limited basis.

    Smith was then sidelined another week with an ingrown toenail that required stitches, and did not play in any of Carolina's four preseason games.

    "He practiced 10 times and he's in great physical condition," Fox said. "We're just taking it slow, but he had a little setback."

    Smith was the league's top receiver last season with 103 catches for 1,563 yards and 12 touchdowns, becoming the first player since Sterling Sharpe in 1992 to lead the NFL in all three categories. He shared the Comeback Player of the Year award with New England linebacker Tedy Bruschi.

    Keary Colbert or Drew Carter will line up opposite veteran Keyshawn Johnson against the Falcons if Smith can't play.

    "He didn't play in any of the preseason games and we handled it pretty well," Fox said. "Those other guys are ready to play when called upon and the depth there definitely helps."

    Falcons coach Jim Mora plans to see Smith on the field.
    "Lots of him," he said.

    Cornerback Ken Lucas bruised his arm in practice and his status for the game is unknown. Linebacker Na'il Diggs dressed for practice and is listed as questionable with a sprained right knee suffered in the third preseason game.
    Defensive tackle Jordan Carstens practiced, but is listed as questionable with an elbow injury.
  2. Hoov

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    what, did you draft smith in your ff league ?
  3. KD

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    I just think its funny. Haven't heard very much about this.

    But when T.O. had the same injury despite being 4-5 years older he was faking and was testing Parcells, and I heard about it every 10 mins or so on ESPN, NFL network.

    Not so much with Smith.
  4. DLCassidy

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    Steve Smith is a team cancer milking the system. The Panthers should release him and trade for Deon Branch.
  5. Hoov

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    apparently he had the left hammy bothering him, then ingrown toenail and now he tweaked the right hammy in practice the other day.

    i dont think he'll do much at the start of the season, especially because his game is all about speed.
  6. DBoys

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    He is faking the injury it is only a matter of time before he destroys the team. I don't think Fox will tolerate him much longer.

  7. KD

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  8. JPM

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    He's faking or he doesn't like Jake. Pick one or both !
  9. alancdc

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    I am here in Charlotte, and it has really been a non issue. However, can you imagine if TO missed practice time because of an ingrown toenail? Good Lord they would be all over him in the national media!
  10. Gfunk

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    Clayton said out of all the hammy WRs (Smith, TO, Ward), he's in the best shape

    he's been jumping around in practice and will play, ready to torch D. Hall all day
  11. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Smith does look like a thug when he plays, maybe he is just testing Fox ;)
  12. KD

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    He is a bad teammate.

    You see how he took himself out of last years game vs. America's Team by mugging the ref?

    After watching that, I know it's all about him in his tiny mind.

    Cancer! He will destroy the Panthers!
  13. jimmy40

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    Once again, how many teams has Smith been kicked off of?
  14. KD

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    I don't know but he has been kicked out of 1 more game then T.O.

    Never seen T.O. throw a fit in the midst of a playoff run and possibly cost his team a game/season.
  15. KD

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  16. KD

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    When was the last time T.O. was locked up?
  17. KD

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    Thought so..........
  18. ghst187

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    Should be an interesting week 1. I believe Carolina plays Atl...?
    If Smith is out it could be trouble for Carolina.
    Rest assured, if Atl beats Carolina it will look like a sinking ship with all the rats jumping off the Carolina boat and onto Atlanta's.
  19. Billy Bullocks

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    Sounds like Carolina all together. Just come out of nowhere midway through the season. Colbert's emergence and Keyshawn should lighten the blow of this.

    I think Carolina is going to be dangerous for more reasons than the defense and Smith. They've got a nice little backfield down there.

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