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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Hoofbite, Feb 10, 2013.

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    When did this guy become the authority on basically everything combat-related?

    I mean, sure his movies were pretty good.....some of them. I liked Under Siege. Tommy Lee Jones helped out a bit but I liked that movie. I liked On Deadly Ground and the scene where he clears the bar before playing the slappy hands game with that dude from Dumb and Dumber.

    But since when has as career full of "straight to DVD" movies ever qualified a guy to be the supreme holder of knowledge in everything relating to violence; including cage fighting, armed warfare, security, and ballistics clothing?

    A while back I saw him training Anderson Silva. Then I saw him training Lyoto Machida.

    On Yahoo, there's an article about how he's training guards in Arizona schools against possible armed gunmen.

    Ok, alright. He's held a few prop guns in his career and dodged more bullets than Neo......maybe he could teach them a thing or two, or at least inspire some of these guys in some manner. I'll buy it. Although, not sure I buy the heavy winter coat and scarf down in Arizona.


    But browsing YouTube I saw a video about bullet proof clothing. I figured, "why not". In the description it says the guy who makes these clothes is the personal tailor for Steven Seagal. There's no way that's just coincidence. I think this guy is walking around in bullet proof clothes. I'd post it but the makers of this clip typically don't censor stuff and it's about 10 minutes long so theres a good chance it's got some language. The title is "Bulletproof Clothing" and just search "Vice" with it to see it.

    Just unbelievable. This guy acts his entire career and all of a sudden he's the go-to on everything combat. I have no doubt that he's skilled in some fashion. He's got the history to suggest he can fight. Pretty sure he lived and taught in Japan for some time so the cage fighting might be at least a theoretical fight? Counter terrorism training and bullet proof clothing.........stretching it a bit.

    I dunno, just seems funny to me. But, I'll tell ya one thing. If he's only half as good at these things as he is at combating a weak hairline, he might just be the best guy in the world for the job.
  2. Kangaroo

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    Ok on the Cage fighting you realize Anderson Silvia front kick to Belfort in UFC 126 he trained that kick with Seagal.

    Yes Seagal trained in Japan and was really good. Is he all things no but he does know martial arts and UFC is about fighting with or without a cage.

    Seagal best movies was his first Above the Law IMO.

    On direct to DVD movies Jeff Speakman of Perfect Weapon fame comes to my mind lots of Direct to DVD movies but I know guys that have trained with him and the dude is good real good.

    What ever on that part

    I take the whole Bullet proof stuff and anti terrorism part with a grain of salt now on fighting I sure you could learn a thing or two from him.
  3. vta

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    Because our culture has gone bat-guano crazy. The jesters now hold court and admonish people how to vote and what to believe; second rate comedians have become sages and philosophers and icons of light. Our VP is consulting an actor on mental health issues and a b actor is training people on the use of guns.
    High paid pretenders patronizing a generation and that generation taking it as gospel.

    It'll touch all area's and none will be exempt.


    Who can be surprised at this point and make a salient counter argument?
  4. jobberone

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    He has enough police and weapons training along with the martial arts to be qualified to train basic weapons to amateurs. There's probably more than a few on this site knowledgeable to do so. I used knowledgeable rather than certified BTW.
  5. BraveHeartFan

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    His movies have absolutely zero to do with his knowledge of martial arts. The guy has trained in many styles and is pretty dang versed and skilled in martial arts. That's what qualifies him to know what he's talking about when it comes to martial arts.

    Violence and movies and rather they're straight to DVD, good movies, terrible movies, or if he's on a crappy TV show have ziltch to do with anything.
  6. jobberone

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    He is indeed bad to the bone. He's 7th degree Dan aikido. After that much training in any 'pure' martial art you get exposed to so much outside of it that it doesn't matter much. I haven't seen him do a great deal of ju jitsu so his grappling skills aren't the best. Donnie Yen's grappling skills are vastly improved. I'd like to see them both spar.
  7. ajk23az

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    It's cold down here for AZ right now. Usually around this time, it is low to mid 70s and lately it has been high 50s low 60s. Plus, we aren't used to the wind here and it has been plenty windy for AZ. :D
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    best argument no need for my imput. Movies do not relate to what the perosn knows, unless you really believe the actors and actresses REALLY become those people. Steven has worked with what he has known throughout his whole life. To that and what his goal and his intentions are, is honorable. So he knows what he is talking about, maybe not as a high ceiling as others who you dont hear from, but at least hes out there talking about it, instead of just saying, do something and see what happens.
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    He's got a bit too much Hollywood in him, exaggerating for PR effect, in my opinon. Bit of a blowhard. Lots of crap behavior in his personal life. I think he gets into a lot of hyperbole, especially when he can make some money off it. Liked Under Siege, thought his choreography in The Challenge was well done, and amusing (except for the easily beaten up boxer).

    Decent martial artist, but I wouldn't bet on him lasting long against someone like Benny 'The Jet'.
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    Anybody who could marry Kelly LeBrock is O.K. in my book!
  11. Shiloht88

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    Chuck Norris would destroy him. :D
  12. vta

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    Maybe if he hadn't beaten her like rented mule...
  13. zrinkill

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    The guy is a deadly marksman as well as martial artist.

    He also won a few axe throwing competitions.
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    At one time, he was claiming to be ex-CIA. I read it a magazine several years ago. I think it was in Playboy IIRC. Excellent articles by the way.

    I think he has some skills in several areas of hand to hand combat and firearms training. If you don't believe it, just ask him. He doesn't mind promoting himself, that's for sure. The guy has a big ego. He adds too much drama to everything he does. It's always a kife or death situation. He's a bad man, or so he says.
  15. BrAinPaiNt

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    Isn't this the guy that was going to get his butt whooped by Van Damn?:lmao2:

    Besides, his movies are terrible!!. How this guy got a job training MMA fighters is hard enough to believe, but how/why he's acting is beyond me.

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