Stoops not interested in Florida Job

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by TxStar61, Oct 29, 2004.

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    Stoops doesn't have an offensive system? You must not have seen enough OU games. When Stoops won the first national championship, OU had a spread offense which was nearly identical to that of Spurrier's system. Mike Leach and Mark Mangino were the offensive coordinators back then. Both of those coaches favored a very Spurrier like spread offense. Leach coaches at Texas Tech if you want an example. Since then, Chuck Long has been our offensive coordinator and the offense has been completely revamped. They have ran the ball more every season since he has been there. I hardly see how you can say OU's system even resembles Spurrier's system now. Heck, their offense is drastically different from last year's offense let alone the year before that. I think this is a positive aspect about Stoops' coaching is how flexible he is. Most coaches would not have endured such a dramatic change to their offense in just 4 years.

    About his interviews, I agree in that Stoops is arrogant as hell. Max Kellerman interviewed him on Fox's IMAX and I couldn't believe how incredibly short and condescending Stoops was with Max. And Max was not grilling him or anything. I don't know if you have seen IMAX but its a jovial show much like Pardon the Interruption. It's laid back and chill, I would have expected Stoops to lighten up. That being said, I wouldn't say Stoops is a moron by any means. He is very intelligent.

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