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    6-1 #218

    the starter in 2013, Johnson exploded for 1,139 rushing yards on 213 carries for a 5.3 average. He also added 14 touchdowns on the ground. In the receiving game, he amassed 30 receptions for 260 yards and three scores

    In two seasons as a Knight, Johnson finished with 1,646 rushing yards on 326 attempts for a 5.0 average, delivering 18 touchdowns in the process. He was named the All-American Athletic Conference First Team running back in 2013

    40 - 4.56 supposedly

    right now CBS had got a 6- 7round grade on him

    he is my next mock
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    I like him. I don't get why so many teams want a change up back. For all of Garrett's talk about balance, his roster decisions are the mark of a pass-first team. They always want thunder and lightning. Teams that want to run want thunder and thunder…and some more thunder…and then maybe an earthquake at FB.

    Certainly better than Tanner as a runner.
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    I like Storm and he did wonders while at UCF, but, the dude has serious fumbling issues. O'Leary sat him for periods during the season after his being careless with the football.

    I do give him props for his ability to find and hit the hole in the line. He gets there quick and accelerates.

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