Strasburg may need Tommy John surgery

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    I knew this guy was going to be a bust. Just joking, I feel bad for the kid.

    Stephen Strasburg likely to have 'Tommy John' surgery, may miss 2011 season

    Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo announced this morning that pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg will probably require "Tommy John" elbow ligament replacement surgery.

    Strasburg left his last start on Saturday with what was was initially diagnosed as a strained tendon in his forearm. But on Thursday he had a second MRI exam that showed a "significant tear of his ulnar collateral ligament," according to Rizzo.

    Rizzo said Strasburg will seek a second opinion from Lewis Yocum. If Yocum agrees that surgery is necessary, Strasburg would have the procedure as soon as possible. The recovery time from "Tommy John" surgery for a pitcher is typically at least 12 months, meaning Strasburg would likely miss all of the 2011 season.

    "He turned from being upset to being really focused and ready to take on this new thing on his life," Rizzo said of Strasburg, who was not in attendance at the news conference at Nationals Park. "We've had successful ones in the past, and we feel this is going to be no different. Stephen is going to be a dedicated, focused individual."

    Strasburg was the first overall pick in the 2009 draft and signed a record $15.1 million contract with the Nationals. He made his pro debut this season, pitching at Class AA and AAA before being promoted to the major leagues in June. He struck out 14 in seven innings vs. the Pirates to earn a victory in his first start, dazzling baseball and creating excitement around a struggling Nationals franchise.

    He continued to pitch well, with the team monitoring his workload and keeping him to less than 100 pitches in every start. He missed a start in July when he felt tightness in his shoulder warming up and was placed on the disabled list. He came back to make three starts and finishes the season 5-3 with a 2.91 ERA and 92 strikeouts in 68 innings.

    "It's frustrating, because this happens to people you think it shouldn't happen to," Rizzo said. "This player was developed and cared for the correct way. Things like this happen. Pitchers break down. Pitchers get hurt. We're satisfied with the way he was developed. I know (Strasburg's agent) Scott Boras was satisfied with the way he's been treated, and Stephen is also. We're good with that. Frustrated, yes. Second-guessing ourselves, no."

    The Nationals lost another top pitching prospect, Jordan Zimmermann, a year ago to "Tommy John" surgery. Zimmermann returned to action on Thursday and allowed five runs in four innings.

    "It's a tough day for (Strasburg) and for all of us, for everyone who's a Nats fan," Nationals president Stan Kasten said. "But we saw Jordan (Zimmermann) come back last night. A year from today, Stephen will be joining him."

    By Peter Barzilai
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    CRAP!!!! I read that, the Nats dont have much to look foward to he was the lone bright spot.
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    Kerry Wood all over again
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    I was thinking the exact same thing.
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    I wonder if he will have the surgery here. One of the arm doctors is in arlington.
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    Or Mark Prior.
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    Looks like their version of the "Joba Rules" didn't work.
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    This is what happens when players try to physically beat a batter vs using skill and your head.

    The ability to replicate perfect form and a consistent release along with studying batters tendencies are most important. Velocity and big movement are great and improve your chances, but if you are over-throwing to gain those advantages; you are going to be doom to inconsistency and probably injury.

    CJ Wilson is a good example of this. When he was in the bullpen, he would over-throw sometimes trying to give it everything he had to get the guy out. Moving him into a starting role forced him to stop over-throwing the ball because he had to pitch more innings. This allowed him to create a consistent form and release allowing him to improve his accuracy.

    Right now, CJ Wilson is the best pitcher the Texas Rangers have. (yes, better than Cliff Lee at this point) He dominates when he is on the mound.
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    funny how today the experts are on tv showing how his mechanics are so bad and it was easy to see this coming.

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    If I were the Nationals, I'd be asking some hard question about my pitching coaches right about now. Two young pitchers suffering the same injury usually points to poor coaching. They are either throwing something that they should not be throwing or they are being coached poorly in so far as mechanics.
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    Sometimes the coach just needs to tell the player to easy up and just throw strikes. Young guys are especially prone to trying to hard.

    Mariano Rivera did the same thing. He tried to improve his slider and screwed off his arm and was expected to have Tommy John surgery, but the doctor decide he didn't need it during the first surgery. Rivera learning this lesson is the reason he he also learned to depend on his cut fastball which in comparison to most other pitches is one of the least violent pitches arm wise thrown today.

    They need to just let the kid know he doesn't have to throw hard pitches, just throw good pitches.
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    Wow I gess he;s not the next Noylan Ryan................Is that wrong? hmmmp dont care
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    I don't think he's throwing anything different, it might be his mechanics.
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    Rob Biddle must feel pretty stupid right about now. He basically called him a wuss.

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