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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by aikemirv, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. aikemirv

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    Just a question for some of you guys? and I hope I don't get blasted too much:laugh2:

    If you could trade Roy Williams for a mid 1st round pick would you do it?

    I have been thinking about this for a while now and since Keith Davis is better suited for SS and Justin Berialt is better suited for strong safety would you be better off trading RW for a 1st round pick and investing that into an impact FS or a top LB or T.

    I do like RW, but I am of the opinion that he was not worth the pick that we took him with. He should be playing to the level of Troy Palamaula and he is not.

    Would a move like that strengthen or weaken our team if we hit on the pick?
  2. clayman

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    A lot of people around here would have to change their Sig pics. :laugh1:

    i'll pass, to answer your question.
  3. superpunk

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    Roy kicks ***. He's not a coverage safety, so the sooner people get that out of their head, the better. He's not as big a liability as people make him seem either. Roy is one of the most dominant forces in the league, when used correctly. If you can get him near the LOS, he makes things happen. Fumbles, tackles for loss, sacks, that is what Roy does.

    As for your comparison to Polamalu. :pee: I pee on it. Roy is better than Polamalu, he just doesn't have interesting hair. Or any hair, for that matter.
  4. Duane

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    Yeah lets trade one of our top two or three players for a mid 1st rounder that may or may not be half the player RW is right now.
  5. Vertigo_17

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    I understand the point you are trying to make, but I'm not ready to push him out the door. If we could just get a true FS who has coverage skills, I think you'd see Roy be more of a force.

    We've basically been playing two SS's since Teague left and although we were able to pull it off with Woody and Roy, it's been a problem since then.

    How about we keep Roy and spend a mid round pick on a true FS?
  6. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    I don't believe any player on this team is untouchable, but I suppose Williams is the closest thing to it.
  7. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

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    Now there's a novel approach................

    I say we let Roy eat that extra biscuit that'll make him a LB and move Keith Davis to SS.
  8. Duane

    Duane Well-Known Member

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    I say keep Roy where he's a, move Davis on special teams full time where he's the best and get someone who can really cover at FS.
  9. juck

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    considering he is the only playmaker we have,i dont think that would be a good idea.
  10. aikemirv

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    I don't know how many Pitt games you have been watching lately but....

    Polamaula has been everywhere, and I mean everywhere - supporting the run, blitzing, covering too. To say RW is playing better than him is laughable.

    If RW is only good at the line of scrimmage he might as well be a LB - but he is not big enough for that. He is one of our better players and he does make a lot of plays but, a lot of times he is out of position and thus you see a lot of tackles from behind and the creation of the RW rule.

    I see tons of Tackles from him like this, is he making plays that no one else would make by doing this or is he out of position and has to recover?
  11. sago1

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    I'd rather keep Williams and use a 2nd round pick on one of the FS who will be around when we pick.
  12. joseephuss

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    I agree that no one is untouchable. I would rather have two 2nd round picks for Roy than just one 1st round pick. I don't know if another team would do that, but I don't see Dallas trying to trade Roy either.

    If they did trade Roy, I would want more than one pick because Dallas needs to fill more than one hole and losing Roy creates another big hole on the team. Keith Davis is a nice back up/special teams player and Beriault is an injured rookie. Beriault had a nice pre-season,but it is hard to be conifdent in a guy that didn't play last season.

    Troy Polamalu is a very good player. He isn't the greatest thing ever. He and Roy have very similar games, strengths and weaknesses. It is much too early in both their careers to give either a big edge on the other. They seem pretty even to me at this time even with Roy having some better stats.
  13. neosapien23

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    I'd do it for a top 4 NFL pick this year or for Terrell Suggs. Ware and Suggs would absolutely Dominate in a 3-4. Roy has been to numerous probowls, but he is a liability in coverage. His stock his high though. He could easily get us a top 4 pick. I think Davis and Beriault would be good SSs. We do need a true FS. Trading him for a top 4 pick would land us a frachise player. Bush, Leinhart, Young, or Ferguson.
  14. superpunk

    superpunk Benched

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    Laughable? Really? Is that why Roy had more INTs than TP this year? More passes defensed? More forced fumbles? TP is all over the place because that is what he is designed to do in Pitt's defense. Roy doesn't have the same luxury playing in a 3-4 infant defense, or last year playing out of position. The fact is, Roy is one of the most dominant, hardest hitting players in the league. Team's always want to know where he is. Don't get caught up in polamalu's dancing around and spinning in front of the LOS hype. He's not as good as Roy.
  15. Vertigo_17

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    We'd still need a FS...that's what it all comes back to in the end.
  16. Seven

    Seven Messenger to the football Gods

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    Where would that be?

    Davis is good on special teams but we're wasting talent using him there exclusively. FS isn't his cup of tea far. I do think he'd be great at blitzing and run stopage. Not a lot of cranium process involved.
  17. aikemirv

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    Thats the other thing about it. There are eleven guys on defense and you would like to be able to play with 7 in the box and 4 in coverage ideally, so if one of those 4 is weak in coverage, it is a weakness to the team.

    If I want a guy who is strong close to the line of scrimmage then I look for a LB, not necessarily a safety. They are important for run support by all means and they should be good at it no doubt, but a safeties primary responsibility is coverage - is it not??
  18. joseephuss

    joseephuss Well-Known Member

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    I keep hearing that Roy is a liability in coverage and I just don't see it. It is not his strength, that is certain. When I think of a liability, I think of the weakest link and I think of a guy that is constantly getting beat. Roy is probably average at coverage for his position. Maybe even slightly better than average. The weak part of the secondary is Keith Davis, so if Roy is a liability, why replace him with a guy who is worse in coverage and can't do the other things that Roy can do. Beriault is still a big question mark whom I am hoping develops into something, but it is hard to count on an unknown.
  19. Maikeru-sama

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    Everywhere I go it's Troy Polamalu....Troy Polamalu.....

    Keep in mind, the Steelers use Troy Polamalu very aggressively, blitzing him, putting him back in coverage, even moving him up to the line of scrimmage and I have seen him move up to the LOS on both the right, left and middle.

    But lets take a look at their stats.

    Why dont we compare stats of the two players.

    Roy Williams
    81 Tackles
    2.5 Sacks
    3 Interceptions
    1 TD
    7 Pass Deflections
    3 Forced Fumbles


    Troy Polamalu

    91 Tackles
    3 Sacks
    2 Ints
    0 TDs
    6 Pass Deflection
    1 Forced Fumble


    Now, I am not a fan of jumping straight over to and getting stats, but I didnt get to see Troy Polamalu play the whole year.

    You guys saw Roy Williams play, no need to go to You know he was in coverage alot and was not used as aggressively as Troy Polamalu this year, like Roy was used in 2003, where he was an animal and was being used everywhere. How many big hits did you guy see Roy putting on people? I saw him putting on some big ones. How many big time plays did you see him make? I saw him make a ton plays, Denver, Giants, and Philly Game all come to mind. Look at their stats, those guys are dead even and Roy is not being used nearly as much (for whatever reason I am not going to start knashing of teeth over a certain DC) as Troy Polamalu. That guy should be should be in coverage, blitzing up the middle, the right, the left, playing effect, a freakin Mad Man, but this year the play calling suggested otherwise.

    So when you say he was not worth the pick, what do you mean exactly? Does he have to be the best Safety in the NFL to make it a justifiable pick, does he have to play better, get more sacks, ints...inquring minds would like to know.

    To add, if people are going to worship the guy, I would really suggest at least getting the spelling of his name right.

    And yeah, he is playing better then Roy Williams right now only because Roy Williams is at home on the Couch.

    I swear.....this guy may get away from us one day and that will be the day some actually realize what he brought to the table.

    - Mike G.
  20. BigDFan5

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