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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Nov 13, 2010.

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    Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admitted being in denial about coach Wade Phillips and the team over the past couple of weeks.

    The 45-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers served as a wake-up call for him. He finally realized that Phillips was no longer the answer as head coach.

    During the news conference announcing Phillips' firing and the selection of offensive coordinator Jason Garrett as interim coach, Jones was asked if he was still in denial about the team's talent.

    "I think it's fair to ask the question," Jones said. "I have spent a little time here talking about what we want to see in these next eight games ... So eight games is a lifetime in football to some degree.

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    The roster is talented but it takes more than talent to win football games. If nobody is motivated or trying, you're not going to win ANY games. That's what happened to the Cowboys when Romo got hurt. They were totally demoralized. It's not like Mike Jenkins isn't talented anymore. He's still the same player physically. He's in a different place mentally.
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    Man stop being homers! This team's talent is very overrated.
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    The team wasn't doing anything when Romo got hurt. I still think we would have ended up with a losing record.
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    We've got some real good talent and some top end players. Where we really lack is on defense (most everywhere) and also the O-line. Lastly, I'm not sure whether our backs are just average or if its they are swallowed up by the defense because our line is old, slow and stupid to boot. Colombo (love the fire) is basically a cripple. Davis has the lightness on his feet of a tractor trailer needing a tune up. Gurode is servicable, but has lost some quickness and power. Our left side is better only because it has the smartest and most agile players. However, our left Guard (Kosier) can't stay healthy and he's no spring chicken either.

    Also, I don't think anything we have at running back is special. Felix isn't as good as we thought he was because he can't seem to make anyone miss in the hole. I see a lack of vision and with the additional pounds, quickness isn't there either. Barber doesn't have the power he once had and frankly, I'm not sure Choice isn't the most complete back overall, but no one wants to give him a chance. Good receivers overall (both tight ends and WO's), and I think Tony given time is a pretty good QB.

    Defense is a mess. Average middle line backers who can't cover anyone. Secondary has one decent player and he's 32 years old. Rest of the secondary is average and none of them (except Jenkins on occasion) seem to know how to play the ball in the air. Both Safety's are awful in coverage. IMO We need 4 new lineman on Offense and a stud running back and a blocking tight end. On defense, two middle linebackers, another nose tackle and another DE. Two new Safety's and two new cornerbacks. That is 8 required upgrades on defense and 5 on offense.

    Yikes. I need a early morning beer.:bang2:
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    I'm no Jerry Jones defender, but that is such a cheap pot shot by Clarence Hill.

    After firing Wade, Jerry effectively said in his press conference that he's realized the team isn't as good as he thought they were.

    And who can blame him? Did any of us see this coming?


    This same team had just came off two dominating games against Philly to end the season and most of could see the playoff-ender in Minnesota was closer than the score indicated, at least in terms of how the team fought.

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