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    IRVING -- When the Dallas Cowboys' running game struggled in the preseason, coach Wade Phillips insisted there was no reason to panic.

    The Cowboys had the league's seventh-best running game in 2009. They were third in yards per attempt, with Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice averaging 4.4, 5.9 and 5.4 yards per carry, respectively.

    All the backs were returning and healthy. The line was seemingly intact and maybe a little better with Doug Free at left tackle in place of the departed Flozell Adams. Of course, that was before right tackle Marc Colombo and left guard Kyle Kosier missed the opener with knee injuries.

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    IRVING -- When the Dallas Cowboys' running game struggled in the preseason, coach Wade Phillips insisted there was no reason to panic.

    This organization from owner to players living in denial
    Either wade is clueless or we have 2 coaches operating separately
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    I keep hearing Jones isn't a game-breaker anymore because of his weight. I'd like to find out by giving him some carries and some blocks....
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    Don't you dare exlude the entire media, who already at game three in the season are scrambling to what, save face from their immediate proclamations of top of shelf ability on this very team. No, they haven't learned by their OWN mutterings and diagnosis inabilities back dating just three seasons. And they bellow relevance and pointed applications of technique. Maybe they should all be given a refresher course in applicability of reporting and basis for comparative, yet unbiased, relevance. No, they immediately jump to pot stirring and adding to a now new norm, of 'yellow' journalism and insult. Yea, that must be the 'NEW' way to the top. Insult your way up to there...and be vindicated as the 'BEST.'

    How about some of you pen lauriats doing some of YOUR own homework first. Analyze other teams and what their problems and projected remedies might be, before declaring Dallas null and void on intelligence. Stop jumping to drama always drawn knee jerk and top of the Monday morning's list of subjects to blame and defame anoher's integrity with. First premise, is that a person sacrificing for the benefit of your own entertainments has a point of generalized respect from which to be observed. No, you belong on an opera show, that you editorilize in person. Where you DO have actors that play around with emotions and convictions. These are football players being organized, coached, and trained by real people...not your prefered stage productions!!!

    Respect has a place as well, learn it's place in observations as well as interpretations involving real people, great effort inclusive of real sacrifice, and tons of personal pain and perserverance. Don't YOU rush to compare to a plateu up with the god's in your own points of reference. Keep it real and down to earth, and watch for improvements in play, design, and field applications. This is game TWO. Pull your heads out of the clouds, or at least pay attention to someone else's stats they do up for YOU.
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    This makes Bruce Springsteen sad.

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    Didn't Dallas have 4.8 yards per carry against Washington? Didn't Barber and Jones only carry the ball 8 times each?
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    Let's see, Barber first 3 runs against the skins, 7 yards or more, then Garrett calls for pass plays, he never ever tried to establish the run.

    Following week Barber's first 3 runs once again 7 yards or more, and once again Garrett never tried to establish the running game.

    I have been a backer of JG, and I still believe that he can be a good HC, but I will admit that he sucks as an OC, right now(we all know that a good/great OC/DC does not always make a good/Great HC. So it is possible that a not so good coordinator can make a good HC. Garrett I believe is having a problem managing all the weapons he has to play with, and as someone has mentioned in here before he does not seem to have a feel for the game when calling plays.

    It seems to be real simple, in my opinon ans others, if the running game is working keep running it until it is either stopped or slowed to a crawl. Basically run to pass and pass to run, what ever the defense is giving you at any giving point in a game take it until you have to do something different

    Is that to hard to figure out?
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    According to stats Houston Texans rank 2nd in rushing defense thru the first 2 games. We need to run the ball down their throats and do some play action for big passing plays.

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