News: StrTgrm Galloway:Redemption is the Dallas Cowboys' latest game

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    Randy Galloway

    HOUSTON -- For this one Sunday in September, and going against a growing mountain of doubt, the Dallas Cowboys suddenly flipped-flopped the stinging perception of overhyped, under-coached and already 6-feet-under after two awful games.

    Complete dominance of the Houston Texans could have been a told-you-so temptation, but it's worthy of note that the final score of 27-13 spoke the loudest.

    The postgame locker room was void of gloat, with maybe a relieved Jerry Jones delivering the most appropriate comment.

    "I fully understand why everyone was counting us out," he said, shaking his head and not his finger at the doubters. "You had to think we were better than we had shown, but we obviously needed to demonstrate that."

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