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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Dec 14, 2010.

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    IRVING -- Cowboys running back Tashard Choice asking for Mike Vick's autograph on the field seconds after the Eagles QB had helped spank his team is so many kinds of wrong it is hard to know where to start.
    Waiting until he reached a little less visible spot never crossed Tashard's mind?

    And how exactly did he phrase the request? "Man, loved your work against this sorry-butt Cowboy defense, especially that pass to DeSean Jackson. Did you see Scandrick diving for him? Has to be faster to nab him, or you for that matter. Anyway, big fan. Sign my glove, please."

    Nor did Tashard bother to think about possible interpretations from Cowboy fans in attendance, you know those who pay his salary by buying tickets and jerseys and watching on TV.

    What frustrates most about Tashard's Teen Beat approach to postgame decorum is how totally unshocking it is. Did we really expect anything less from this Cowboys team? God forbid the focus actually be on turning around this hot mess at Valley Ranch, or players being cognizant of just what a disappointing train wreck this season is.

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    Yep. Can't imagine Aikman, Lilly or Randy White asking for other teams autographs. Don't want to slam the guy too much but he did look foolish.
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    Randy white did ask for William "The Fridge" Perry's autograph for one of his kids, but it was during the week of the first overseas exhibition in the UK. You are right, none of those guys you mentioned would have ran up to Vick after that game and did what Choice did. It is just a new era I guess.
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    The only train wreck I see is that hack of a writer who penned this drivel.
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    It's a totally different era now. It's not really applicable what those guys would have done in the same situation.
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    Randy only has one daughter Jordan but I went to a ton of games and I never saw any player ask for an opponent's after the game nor heard about it.

    You're definitely right about it being a new era. This is something he should have done in private. Not on the field. He could easily have gotten a security guy or stadium worker to get it for him.
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    Talk about an overblown story... OMG!!!!

  8. Joe Realist

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    maybe Choice can get him to sign his helmet in 3 weeks
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    Okay, seriously, ANOTHER thread about Choice and Vick? :bang2:
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    The mods do a very good job of posting nearly all Cowboys related articles they find. This thread wasn't started because someone wanted to rant. I too wish this story (or non-story) would just go away though.
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    I'm just amazed she was able to get through an entire article without taking a shot at Wade.
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    Can anyone clearly articulate what difference the time or place makes? :huh:

    White asks Perry for his autograph during an exhibition game. Choice asks for Vick's autograph after the game. Okay, and ...

    Are we suggesting that one siginfies more of a commitment to competitiveness than the other?
  13. RoyTheHammer

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  14. Stautner

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    This is a fair point and one I've tried to make. This isn't the Ray Nitschke, Dick Butkus NFL, this is an era where players around the league know each other, vacation together, attend the same parties, work on charities together, do interviews together. The NFL is a big social community where players change teams via free agency and trades all the time. It's not the era where 95% of the players stayed on one team their entire careers and only interracted with players from other teams while hitting them on the field once or twice a year.

    Kind of impersonal for his nephew. Maybe he could have just asked the hotel clerk for Vick's signed room service ticket or bought an autograph online.

    Come on, we all use whatever advantages we have in our lives to do things for those we love. Choice is an NFL player, and as such his advantage is having access to other NFL players. Maybe he could have found a way to do it away from the camera, but if so that's just a mistake in not thinking about the camera catching every move, and not a problem with his motives or his character.
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    This is the biggest non story I've ever read. NFL players frequently ask their opponents for signatures after a game. If it hadn't been a Cowboy player asking Vick for his autograph, fans & the media wouldn't have made this an issue at all. Does anybody really believe after we beat the Colts in Indy, that anybody would have been upset if a Colt player had asked for a Cowboy autograph after the game -- thought not. Again media wouldn't have made an issue of it either.

    Come on. After we beat the Packers in 2007 at home, several Packer players asked for Romo's signature, etc. Heck media was discussing before that game if Romo asked Favre or if Favre asked Romo BEFORE the game for an autograph & no body in the media thought anything about it.

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