News: StrTgrm: JFE Once again, the Cowboys are doing what they do well -- passing the ball

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    Jennifer Floyd Engel

    Our good friends, the Texas Rangers, have done so much good lately, winning playoff games and turning October into baseball season in Texas and just being fun to watch.

    Not to be forgotten among said accomplishments, though, is Cliff Lee & Co.'s role in tamping what was the latest installment of Cowboys inanity. The Jason Garrett-is-an-idiot-and-needs-to-be-fired crowd was at their frothy best after the Cowboys went to Houston and rode roughshod on the Texans, including a pretty impressive performance by the offense.
    I know, right?

    You would think the anti-RHG contingent might be apologetic, if not in full-retreat mode, after what happened in Houston. What we heard instead was, "Look what happens when you run the ball" talk and, as an added bonus, stats were slapped down as proof.

    Twenty-seven runs. Thirty passes.

    Cowboys 27, Texans 13.

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    You win by taking what the defense gives you and executing it well.
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    :toast2: I'll drink to that!!!
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    We were playing from behind all day. All things considered I think we ran as much as we could.

    Look what happened to Indy today when they continued to run the ball today, they scored 9 points in 3 quarters. Whats even worse is KC ran the ball 75 percent of the time today and was losing 9-6 in the 4th but if they werent so conservative they would had won today.
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    We fell behind in the first quarter, but by end of the half we were only 7 points behind. So why in the world panic & keep throwing the ball. Whenever, a QB puts the ball up 50+ times in a game, the odds of that team winning is severely lessened. Remember was sacked 5 or 6 times and was consistently under pressure. Take some of the pressure off him by using the running game to keep the Titans honest. It's entirely possible a few more runs by Felix would have lead to a huge run by him.

    I don't believe Garrett thinks a balanced offense wins or he just likes to pick up big yardage in the passing game. I love Romo but a QB's best friend is the running game cause it opens up more options for Romo.

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