News: StrTgrm: Wade Phillips receives vote of confidence from Dallas Cowboys owner

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    IRVING -- Wade Phillips is not worried about his job security, perhaps because he is confident in his team's ability to bounce back from a 1-3 start.

    "We can make the plays that make a difference in ballgames, and we have the ability to do that," the Dallas Cowboys coach said. "We'll see how it goes, but I still believe in it. I think we're going to do it."

    Phillips received a vote of confidence from his bosses this week, as vice president Stephen Jones told the NFL Network that Phillips' job is "absolutely" safe.

    Phillips grew testy Wednesday when asked about Stephen Jones and owner Jerry Jones' comments about his job status.

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    It's not like we have a vote. Maybe Jerry/Stephen willing wait 1-2 more games to see if coaching staff & the players get their act together & start willing. Also maybe option going outside the organization isn't realistically available at this point. Also maybe the internal option also isn't the way they want to go, again at this point.

    Hopefully this team finally realizes the hole they've dug for themselves & show up Sunday against the Vikes with fire in their eyes. If they can cut down on their presnap penalties, that would be a big help--at least try to keep the number of penalties at under 6-8. Anything over that, then the leaders of the team should start fining the players, including themselves. Maybe players association doesn't allow coaching staff or ownership to do it, but bet the players could do it among themselves.

    And Wade needs to get his butt together. When scoring, a player can celebrate but can't he/them figure out a way w/o causing us a problem. Follow Austin's celebration or RWilliams, or simply keep the ball as a souvenier. Why don't some of the WRs simply give a ball to Sherman to show their appreciation, etc. but no spikes or whatever & certainly don't give it to any OL, etc.

    BTW: I understand CJ went to our star & celebrated, yet he got no penalty called. WHY? Are we allowed to do that?
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    I would if coach tell the players this: "Real classy guys do not need to celebrate."
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    Again, why does Jerry after every loss have to address Wade's situation. This is the 2nd vote of confidence on 3 weeks. Just be quiet and stop buying into all the media speculation Jerry.
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    If you examine history in the NFL, the "vote of confidence" is usually followed by the "We're moving in a different direction" vote sometime in the future, usually at the end of the season.
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    I may be alone in this, but despite all we hear from the Cowboys players about how much they like Wade and playing for him, I'm starting to think they really don't.

    Why? B/c if the players really liked Wade they'd play better - plain and simple. The players all know the business end of the NFL and if their play does not improve, Wade (their supposed favorite guy) is gone. If you are really behind the man in charge - or the man supposed to be in charge - you want to perform your best in support of him.

    Of course, you should want to be the best for yourself first and then the guy next to you, but in this case, performing better for a coach you claim to love playing for would seem to fall next in line.

    In my time in service I've had people in postions of leadership who, quite frankly, I wouldn't follow across the street - but the job was done for myself and for the my guys. And then I've had leaders who I would walk into hell with - and sometimes did. So I know the difference between the 2 and although we all said the right things when it came to leader 1, our performance had nothing to do with him and everything to do with ourselves.

    And maybe this is the element the Cowboys are missing. Similar to them not playing their best except in must-win situations, this team seems to be unable to self-motivate. They need a leader they will go to bat for and even though they say that's Wade, their play belies their words.
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    time to can fatty boy.
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    Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.:D
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    "With Wade ... I'm very comfortable that we can do better," Jerry Jones told the league's television network.

    The bottom and functioning line is that disgruntled players don't stick around any longer than do ineffective coaches on a Jerry Jones run team. Windows of opportunity are fully functional in his organization. Trying to read beyond a highly professional view, are dysfunctional and emotion based.

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