News: StrTgrm: Witten on concussion: 'I just felt like I was OK'

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    Clarence Hill

    IRVING -- The vivid images of tight end Jason Witten fussing and even cursing at a Dallas Cowboys team doctor for not letting him return to Sunday's 27-20 loss to the Chicago Bears are surely a testament to his fight, competitiveness and will to win.
    The decision by Dr. Robert Fowler to hold his ground in the face of the berating by the amped-up Pro Bowler is an example of the new emphasis the NFL has placed on dealing with concussions.
    Trainer Jim Maurer said the Cowboys have always placed player safety first.

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    When they showed Jason over on the sidelines jawing at the doctor I laughed. Not at the fact that he was hurt but that he wanted so badly to return to the game and the way he was pleading with the guy. You just don't see too many guys like him anymore. The look on the doctor's face was so funny.

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