Stunning cuts in Atlanta; meanwhile, at Valley Ranch

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Mar 1, 2013.

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    He was also offered a contract worth more than AZ offered and he chose to leave. That left a bitter taste in my mouth. Plus the "diamond among trash" comment. There wasn't anyone on the planet that cheered louder than me when Roy Williams knocked the taste out of Emmitt's mouth and he ended up rushing for the lowest game total of his career against us.

    Time heals all wounds and I'm cool with Emmitt, now. But, for a while there I couldn't give a rat's about the guy.
  2. GimmeTheBall!

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    How long did we wait for for Spencer, Hatcher to show something, anything? I also consider Austin a one-year wonder. Ratliff is clearly aging and coming off a injury. Yet we consider them core plaYers. Nein! Nein!
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    Gimme cast the line and snared some fishies.
  5. big dog cowboy

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    Revisit the Cowboys roster pre-Garrett.
  6. visionary

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    It's real simple guys

    We pay players for what they have done

    Good teams pay players for what THEY ARE GOING TO DO

    That is a bad way to build a football team
  7. speedkilz88

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    Michael Turner last year with Falcons:
    2012 Atlanta Falcons 16 16 222 800 3.6 43 10

    Emmitt Smith last year with Cowboys:
    2002 Dallas Cowboys 16 16 254 975 3.8 30T 5
  8. cowboyschmps3

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    I think Sensabaugh will get cut, Connor and maybe Free
  9. BAT

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    Agreed. Worst football? That didn't happen until he went to the putrid Cardinals. And only after he broke his shoulder, at that.

    Emmitt was still putting up a grand a season, behind an even worse O line than the one the Cowboys' fans are crying about today.

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    Maybe we shouild worry about the bottom of the roster for guys WHO haven't shown anytihing. Like, play 1 snap a game and still collect checks year after year.
  11. burmafrd

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    we could not afford the cap costs of keeping Emmitt. Just that simple.
  12. texbumthelife

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    So, showing loyalty to a player(s) that more than once took a pay cut to help you out is foolish?

    Do you think if Jerry did business as you suggest any of these players would be restructuring their contracts? Jerry is a "players owner" and it shows up every time people start to and moan about our cap situation. He isn't shrewd because he doesn't have to be and furthermore he realizes that in the long run it is a bad business decision.

    I am not saying every over-the-hill player should break the bank, but to suggest Emmitt didn't earn every bit of his last paycheck is absurd and downright disrespectful. There may be tough decisions to be made but there is still an ethical code to this business. I shudder to think of how bad our team would be if we followed such near sighted advice.
  13. GimmeTheBall!

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    Well played but .... My point is cap relief we dont get because we keep some guys way too long. All i axs is cut the cord, dont overdo the expiration date and stuff.
    Stunning in big overpriced player, stunning in cap relief, stunning in its businesslike apporch.
    damn i' good.
  14. Vintage

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    These weren't stunning cuts unless you knew nothing about the Falcons...
  15. Oh_Canada

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    Bingo. The only slight surprise is Abraham, but the guy is ancient in NFL terms for the position he plays and who knows they may also have some inside info you or I know nothing about.

    Turner is pretty much done. He ran for three and half yards per carry....didn't the Boys cut Marion Barber a few years ago who was younger and almost as productive his final year?
  16. Beast_from_East

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    Spencer is a marginal player?

    He would get 10-12 million a yr on the open market, he is far from marginal.
  17. speedkilz88

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    Too bad the ignore feature doesn't work for thread starters. Huh?
  18. GimmeTheBall!

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    So in your book Spencer be top tier?
    Put all his years together and you get a purely average or yes marginal or nominal. You want to base his stature on last season? By all means hope that we invest a lot of money and time and lots of seasons waiting for such athletes to flower and produce.
    By that time you are rebuilding. Again.
    That is our problem. We are so wowed by players who show promise one year and lose sight of younger and evolving talent.
    We are so easily dazzled by the mediocre and then we are surprised by 8-8 seasons.

    Unbelievable. Just wow.
  19. mickswag

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    This. Spencer is not marginal.
  20. Ratmatt

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    There is no way the Redskins would ditch Orakpo for Spencer.That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.Looks like your not the one watching much football.

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