News: Sturm: Bill Callahan Is Now Calling The Plays - And Yes, It Matters

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 5, 2013.

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    The delivery of the news is "uniquely Jerry" where communication skills seem forever stuck in reverse, and complete with comedy ensuing. Think about the true joy of being a principle member (Say, Bill Callahan or Jason Garrett) of a rather significant news story and surrounded by the leering press and to be asked about questions where you are not sure whether or not your own boss has spilled the beans without warning moments ago. You are tip-toeing through a mine field and are careful not to step on the toes of colleagues who have been demoted or promoted and wish to handle things with honesty (assuming that is how you naturally roll), but realize you have to amend your normal sensibilities to comply with the ol' "Way Things Are At Valley Ranch as Long As Jerry Is Running The Show."

    It surely should also be understood to all involved that Jason Garrett, the mostly-nuetered head coach of this operation, knew what he was getting into many years ago when he elected to stay in this situation out of some loyalty to either Jerry Jones, the Cowboys brand, or both, rather than to start with a clean slate in either Baltimore or Atlanta. He was made the highest-paid assistant coach in the league and the head coach-in-waiting to stay in Dallas and work his magic further. But, with that would come this incredibly odd working situation that he must navigate through, despite looking rather helpless and powerless when it comes to many basic decisions that are often given to a head coach. For all we know, it is possible that Garrett knew this needed to happen and blessed it, but the fact that he still argues for keeping the discussion in-house, when his boss has already decided to make sure the microphones knew the information, further reduces any perception of power that Garrett may hold.

    But, let's not bury the lead here. Yes, the way information is made public is both frustrating and unconventional, but it is the information itself that truly matters. If we weren't sure before yesterday who was the de facto head coach, then we haven't been paying attention.

    The story itself is that after 6 years of interrupted control of the Cowboys offense, we are getting that fresh set of eyes that I petitioned for back in December and January:

    Read the rest:
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    What a frickin circus. Pardon my French but this was the perfect moment for Mr. Clueless to shut up and let JG (the HC) provide this news of who's calling the plays. I'm glad that JG is delegating this job out but will the players really keep following this charade of power?
    This article below sums it up pretty well.
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    One bit of positive spin from this week's drama...if JG is able to consistently sidestep these media dust-ups, and if he can somehow have success with the team in the process, he might one day be successful enough that Jerry just looks like he's nuts in comparison, and Garrett can generate enough gravity on his own that it brings stability to the organization. Jerry can become the crazy rich grandpa, and Stephen and Jason can be the real brain trust behind the organization.

    A day after, it's actually starting to look a little bit like that to me, anyway. Seeing how well Jason handled the press yesterday, and watching them all break into laughter at the end of the conference. Jason supposedly knew just in advance what Jerry had said, so he had a bit of time, at least, to prepare for what he was in for. I don't think he's come off so much neutered as he has beleaguered from the whole thing. And I much prefer beleaguered to neutered.
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    That was a good read, I kinda agree with most of what he said.
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    Seems people try to focus on individual blame yet this is a group effort with Jones and Garrett as well as others. Their success or failure is one that is a shared commitment.

    While some see nothing but doom and gloom on the horizon I see a lot of reason for hope and success for this team this season and in the near future.
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    I do believe that they have discussed this issue at length over a long period of time. My guess is Jerry was steering this in the direction he wanted trying to make it look like a consensus decision. Just a guess though.
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    Does anyone else besides me think that this sets Callahan up to be the fall guy at the end of the year instead of Jason Garrett? If the offense is good enough for the Boys to have success in the playoffs then everyone is Happy. If the the offense gets worse then Callahan is fired and Jason "hires" a new OC....
  8. Maxmadden

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    I just think Garret would jump right back into playcalling.
  9. 17yearsandcounting

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    Yep, he is gonna get Rob Ryan'd if anything goes wrong.
  10. Doomsday101

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    No because Garrett is still the HC the success or failure still falls on him. Garrett will still have a major say in what the Cowboys run, he is not somehow out of the loop. Garrett can still over ride the OC like any HC, it will be garrett who determines if we go for it or punt. If there are things Callahan is not doing that Garrett wants done then it is up to Garrett to change it. He is the HC period

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    I think the fans have become more focused on individual blame because you have no other choice. If you look at this like we used to, like we did when Coach Landry was here or even when Jimmy was here, you could focus on the bigger picture but now that you know Jerry is not changing, you are forced to focus on just an individual here or there. That's a major weakness for us IMO. It's a team sport and you have to play it like that or you will not succeed IMO. Jerry is a big reason why this team is where it is, good or bad. The fan base is resigned and so what you get is what we see now. Individual blame.
  12. Doomsday101

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    I don't agree. Jerry has changed things on how personal is brought in and how we go about the draft. Things are not as they were with Lacewell or when Campo was HC.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I think it sets him up to get a shot at a HC job. If his offense is successful in the running game but we still lose, then he might be the next HC of the Cowboys or for some other team. To me, this is really Garrett's last excuse. He is no longer responsible for the offense and we now have proven talent on the defensive side of the ball so it would be hard for anybody to make a case that Garrett is the right guy for the job. It's not like you can go back and say, "OK, well, Garrett's offense was the answer. We went the wrong way here." Even if it doesn't work, you can't go back to Garrett's way of doing it because it has also not worked. To me, it would signal another coaching change.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    You don't have to agree but what you point out here is exactly what I'm talking about. What's the constant? What never changes? If we are again middle of the road or worse, who's or what is leaving and who or what is not?
  15. Doomsday101

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    I'm being realistic, I understand that Jerry is not going to fire himself. That I agree with however by changing the process you start seeing the talent coming in that is what will win games. Are we to credit Jerry for the playoffs with Parcells and Wade with the 2 division titles and a club tieing record of 13-3 or is he only blamed for the loss in the post season.
  16. newlander

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    is a clown show:lmao:
  17. ConstantReboot

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    Too many here are putting too much into all of this. Your post is refreshing and adds truth to this otherwise crazy matter. All said in done, when the Cowboys hit the field, and everyone here sees a different team, they will be quick to change their minds and give kudos to where it really belongs.

    I'm no ways a supporter of Garrett. But I have to say I like what he has done these past two years. There are more positives then negatives to this team and there is direction going in the right place. Despite being a mediocre playcaller, there are areas that team has really improved. Thats value which Garrett has brought to this team and thats the type of consistency I want to keep on seeing each and every year.
  18. Blue Eyed Devil

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    What he's been most consistent about is delivering 8-8 seasons.
  19. Idgit

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    Thing is, sometimes 8-8 isn't all bad. I keep saying in response to this argument, context matters. A hypothetical 8-8 with a tough schedule and a spate of injuries isn't the same thing as 8-8 with an easy schedule and few injuries. Well, it is for the purposes of that single season, but in terms of measuring the trajectory of a program, it's not the same thing at all.

    Thanks. As I said, I know it was a rosey spin on the topic, but there is something to persevering in the face of Jerry's distractions. At some point, if progress is really being made, the contrast has to become obvious. When it does, the comparison isn't going to favor Jerry. Not that Jerry will care all that much if the team's winning and getting attention.
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    My only comment on this whole situation is that anyone who ices his own kicker should not be the guy sending in plays... JG is not HC material and unless he can prove other wise this year, he'll be gone - nuff said.

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