News: Sturm: Bill Callahan Is Now Calling The Plays - And Yes, It Matters

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 5, 2013.

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    "My point, would be this: In 2012, the Cowboys' would spend all week designing a game plan that they thought would best work against their opponents. Then, at game-time, they would find that their game plan was completely ineffective and scrap it."-Bob Sturm

    I think comments like this and the lack of trying to explain it is why I do not trust Dallas media. Everybody who writes or covers the Cowboys in DFW would love nothing more than to see controversy and Jerry vs Jason. There is no homer or fan of the Cowboys in the DFW media. I'm not lamenting the fact that I want that but the facts are the DFW media are littered with people who grew up outside of Dallas. Sturm being a life long Packers fan who loves to stir the pot on the Cowboys. If you were a lifelong Cowboys fan and were working in sports radio and living in San would be Sturm too. Look at it this way...these guys have no rooting interest in this team and they are looking for every reason possible to see controversy with this team. That translates into ratings and listeners. Don't believe this hyped, trumped up controversy. It's just an opinion and really has no facts to base it on. For every theory he comes up with you can present an opposite one. An opinion from Packers fan at that.

    BTW-the reason for scrapping our game plan almost every game...Jerry Jones giving us that offensive line. Tough to have a balanced offense if you can't run the ball and are so far behind by halftime. Romo is the only reason we were even close to getting into the playoff last year.
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    what a devastating article.
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    I feel that Jerry is there as the media guy trying to keep the cowboy name out there.

    Not saying that Jerry can't do something rash, but I think there's more pragmatic voices in his ear steering the franchise in the direction we'd like it to head.

    Will that show up on the field this season?

    I think so but that still remains to be seen.

    I just think that the sooner we as fans stop reacting to what Jerry says the less attention the media pays to his ramblings.

    That may never happen because Cowboy fans are low information voters.

    as a poster on another board I belong to calls us.
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    Really? Every time I see a coach "ice" a kicker and he then makes it the next time, everyone gripes how stupid it is..which it is.

    I'll say this about the team, Stephen has more control then most people realize.
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    There are a number of reasons why Ryan got fired. It went a lot deeper than just "anything going wrong."
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    When the team stops playing hard or the coaches and players turn on him then I will buy into this 'neutered' business. He had this reputation from the layman and mediot last season and for me the proof is in the pudding.

    I imagine the first couple of lines had people saying 'I agree with almost all of this.'

    Monte Kiffin strikes me as the type that puts stock into loyalty in team. The dynamic between he and Marinelli speaks to that. He has never struck me as a backstabber.

    The offensive staff from Callahan down to Wes Phillips are all Garrett guys through and through.

    The players attend his workout sessions and play hard on the game and practice fields. All of the above have known abut this for months.

    All the hysteria and air of significance is asinine.

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