News: Sturm: Draft Profile: Rd 1 - Travis Frederick - C - Wisconsin

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    The following is the 1st in a series of draft profiles for the Dallas Cowboys' selected players from April's draft. These profiles are put together after watching significant amounts of game tape from each player, and is an attempt to examine their resumes and play to get an idea of how they might fit in best with Dallas come training camp in Oxnard this summer.

    If only we could look at football players without attaching baggage to our evaluation. Perhaps the best example of this is Greg Ellis, who if only judged on his own merits would have been thought of as one of the very best Cowboys of the last 15 years. However, he spent most of his career carrying around the burden of being "the guy that we took instead of Randy Moss" around here. That stayed with him despite being an exceptional player his entire career.

    That leads us to Frederick who in some ways, is exactly the type of player you would hope the Cowboys could have left the draft with. A "Day 1 starter" who will instantly be able to handle whatever you throw at him, despite playing one of the most complex positions on the field.

    And yet, he will always be attached to another ambitious day in the Cowboys' war-room, as Jerry Jones could not sit still again and pulled the trigger on a trade down and seemed dead set on getting an offensive lineman to protect Tony Romo. Frederick was, in Jerry's words, "the last of the Mohicans" as the 8 OLmen on that top tier. Once Frederick was gone, they felt things were going to drop to a next level that would not be ready to start on Day 1. This caused them to pass on Sharrif Floyd, a defensive tackle from Florida that the Cowboys had rated much higher on their draft board. And for that piece of information that has been confirmed numerous times, Frederick will always be hitched to Floyd's career.

    But, when evaluating a player, you have to get all of that out of your head. You have to simply say that, now that he is here, there is no reason to spend time in his evaluation on how he got here. Let's simply look at his film, figure out what he does well and not so well, and then see if he has a spot on this squad. The other discussions of how the 2013 draft could have gone differently are valid for other discussions, but not on a Travis Frederick evaluation sheet.

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    An interesting article. Not sure I agree with all the conclusions drawn though. Hoping for better.

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    I like this quote from Sturm:

    "If you squint, you can see a bigger Jeff Saturday from back in the late 1990s."

    Let's hope it's true. Saturday was a top notch center for a decade.
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    He looks pretty chunky in that picture. The weight loss should help with his feet.
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    Any info on his shotgun snaps? If Romo can trust the ball will be in the same place every time, that buys a half second for him to keep his eyes downfield instead of tracking the ball.
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    He rarely snapped out of shotgun in college.

    He is trying to master it but did have a couple of errant snaps in training camp. I imagine he'll be working hard on it now that he is a pro.

    I do hope that we play less out of shotgun since I think it takes a bit away from the physicality of the OL and let's the DL attack way more knowing it takes away almost any possibility of a power running game.

    To be the best part of the Frederick pick is that we got a guy who is a better inline blocker than Cooper (not nearly the athleticism, though) and maybe close to Warmack. All the film of him turning those DTs is not an optical illusion. He plays with great power in there and I think it'll help us a lot in short yardage. I think especially getting him and Costa out there should make us better as Costa was our best run blocker in line. It is such a shame we couldn't come to terms with Holland who was so good and the main reason that Demarco Murray went on that run in 2011. With Costa and Holland clearing things up the middle Murray had a fair bit of success in the middle of the year.
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    IIRC Gurode snapped out of the shotgun a lot at Colorado but for some reason never mastered while in the NFL. Also shotgun snapping is a comfort thing. If a center is up against a good DL in front especially one that has been taking them to woodshed they will tend to try and "hurry" the snap or snap it harder to get it back there quicker. The smart ones look at other avenues before trying to "jet" a ball back to the qb to make up for their lack of quickness. Also the QB has to be willing to change snap counts to help the center slow down the lineman over him.
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    Gurode did a lot better his last few years with us on the shotgun. Another urban legend that he always sucked on snaps.
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    It's not an urban legend. He made so many terrible snaps prior to those last few years that his reputation is well-deserved. Shoring it up the last couple of years hardly dismisses how pathetic he was for years.
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    Gurode was a guard in college.
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    Should Frederick and Williams both turn out to be top players for the Cowboys then how can this trade with the 9ers not be considered a very good move by Dallas?
  13. burmafrd

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    you have creative eyesight.
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    There's been a significant change from his college days. Frederick lost 28 lbs (from 340 down to 312) prior to the Indy Combine. It might be interesting to see what weight he plays with for the C'boys. They currently have him listed at 317 on their roster. Perhaps that's either his current weight and/or what they'd like to see him maintain. There's no question; he looks considerably more trim now than he did in college.
  15. DBOY3141

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    He said in his post draft interview that he would probably play around 320-325.
  16. Bullflop

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    That sounds about right to me. He lost all that weight for the Indy Combine to do better in the athletic events, despite the fact that speed isn't his forte. His 5.5 testing in the forty testified to that but his initial quickness is somewhat better than his forty time indicates. Also, at Wisconsin, he said they didn't do reps with the weights but rather, they lifted for maximum strength with low reps. The drastic weight loss may have contributed to his below average 21 reps at 225 lbs for the bench press as well. He's known to have exceptional functional strength, so that should be the primary consideration.
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    looks like he lost alot of weight in those pictures. I am pulling for the guy. He has that driven look in his eyes that make players stick around for long time. But he has to keep those feet moving.
  18. TheCount

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    325 seems a bit heavy for a center to me but as long as he isn't tripping over his feet, that's cool.
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    That's a valid point. He would be the biggest starting center in the NFL. Moving forward won't be the issue. It's that getting out of his stance and moving laterally that many will have their eyes on.
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    For all the grief that Jerry took for making the trade down I think it pales in comparison to the grief he'd have taken for NOT making the deal. Or, had we taken Floyd and then made a move up to get Frederick.

    This draft fell terribly for Dallas most pressing need and I don't blame him at all for the move he made. That Williams looked to be very good value with that extra pick doesn't hurt one iota.

    Imagine grabbing Floyd, losing Frederick before 47, and then getting increased pressure to make an O-line pick, at the right spot for value, but knowing to do so requires you to sit patiently while the risk of Max Unger II plays out in front of you.

    If Dallas loved Frederick, and they apparently do, and did not feel confident with anyone else being able to step right in Day 1, then I am not going to 2nd guess the move at all. Lets pray that Frederick never gives us reason to.

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