News: Sturm: Draft Profile: Rd 2 - Gavin Escobar - TE - San Diego State

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    The following is the 2nd in a series of draft profiles for the Dallas Cowboys' selected players from April's draft. These profiles are put together after watching significant amounts of game tape from each player, and is an attempt to examine their resumes and play to get an idea of how they might fit in best with Dallas come training camp in Oxnard this summer.

    Gavin Escobar
    San Diego State
    Tight End
    6'6, 254
    40 time: 4.84, Bench Press: DNP
    February 3, 1991 (22)

    Sometimes, trying to fully understand the Cowboys' long-term plans can be quite difficult. This, of course, is partially due to the fact that their long-term plans have altered repeatedly over the years and if you are inconsistent in your goals, then it there will also be inconsistency in detecting those goals with observations from the outside.

    For example, one long-term plan would be to replace your older players before they become incapable of performing. This requires two things, finding his replacement and also, not paying so much guaranteed money to old players that you cannot replace them. That is why many of us cringe with the annual off-season contract restructures of players over 30 years old on this roster. When you restructure, you are guaranteeing money in future seasons. And when you do that, you are adding to the dead money if that player ever runs out of ability.

    So, on one hand, we could argue that the Cowboys are beginning to plan for the post-Jason Witten era when they drafted a tight end so high in the 2013 draft when they took Gavin Escobar from San Diego State at pick #47. But, on the other hand, with $9m guaranteed to Witten after 2013 - with cap hits annually of over $8m - they are still quite dependent on Witten giving them several more years of productivity despite already having 806 career receptions and very high mileage on his odometer.

    Enter "12 Personnel". When I am done with these draft profiles, I want to dive deeper into the discussion about the Cowboys offensive history with "12 Personnel" and their determination to pair another weapon at the tight end position with Jason Witten going all the way back to 2006 when Anthony Fasano was taken in the 2nd round and then 2008 when Martellus Bennett was taken in the 2nd round, too. To allocate 3 2nd round picks in 8 drafts to the tight end position that already has an elite starter seems extremely foolish on the surface. That is, unless you can make it an unstoppable force for your offense that makes the league's defenses beg for mercy.

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    He just had to throw in that jab at JG in at the end. So ignorant.

    Yeah, Jason Garrett's job rests squarely upon the shoulders of Gavin Escobar.

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    Some people have been saying he has "elite" hands on this board.
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    hope he pans out because Eifert is drawing praise with the Bengals already.
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    I think that comes from Mayock, McShay and Kiper stating he had the best hands in the draft, not just TE hands, but the best hands period. Everyone has there own thoughts, but most on this board go back to these 3 and their remarks.
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    I didn't like selecting a TE with a second round pick for #2 TE, I thought we had Hanna for #2, and could have picked a TE with later rounds. I much preferred that OL or DL could have been picked with 2nd round pick.

    But the reality is Escobar is with the team and i could only hope that he plays well for the Cowboys, for many, many years.
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    If you go to Bob's page he has a couple of videos on there.

    If he doesn't improve as a blocker he may as well just be playing the #3 WR role.
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    That's not what I think he was saying.

    I read it as him saying that Dallas has committed a lot to this one position and if it doesn't work this time the offense likely won't improve and overall the results will be the same. No improvement likely means Garrett is gone. I don't see how anyone could allow the guy to learn on the job when he's wasting the prime years of a handful of players.

    It's not that Escobar is/was the key to Garrett having a job or not by himself. Perhaps at this point in time you might be able to say that but you have to consider all the context of the situation. It's the fact that he has failed to make his offense work as expected with the 2 previous 2nd round picks so if this one fails too you can't just give pass after pass.

    It's not as simple as saying that Escobar is Garrett's lifeline. It's more along the lines that Garrett has two strikes going against him with the previous TE failures that another one will likely be the last.

    Granted he didn't pick Fasano but I think you'd be hard pressed to say that Fasano couldn't play considering he's done pretty well since leaving Dallas.

    Bennett too, produced a hell of a lot more after he left.

    If Escobar can't get it done, maybe the problem isn't the #2 TE.
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    I really hope Escobar works out. My problem with the pick is like Sturm mentioned, Hanna appeared to be well on his way to being at least a good #2 TE. Now if the Cowboys braintrust was forward thinking and drafting Escobar to be Witten's future replacement, that's a different story. But was this to time to do it with Witten still due a few years of high guaranteed $ and still a very productive player, especially with this team having significant holes to fill?
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    Escobar has to be better than good to validate this pick.

    We needed bodies on the OL and DL so this better be a heck of a pick.
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    I don't mind the pick if Escobar is legitimately talented. I feel though they could have gotten him in the 3rd round because his speed at 4.8 is just too slow.

    That terrible speed combined with a general lack of blocking ability makes him a redzone/short yardage guy, a niche player, which you can't waste a 2nd round pick on.

    For this pick to make sense, i.e. for the talent to be a fit, Escobar needs to translate every millisecond of that track speed onto the football field.
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    49ers picked a TE at 55, doubt Escobar would have made it past them.
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    If he runs a 4.65 on the football field does it really matter what he did at the combine? He's got good reviews from pretty much everyone that his game speed is fine.

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