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    How The Cowboys Were Built

    Every season I like to spend some time at the start of another year by looking at how the team was put together. I try to assemble the chart you will see below to provide some context about how a modern NFL team (or, at least this particular NFL team) is built.

    The first thing we do is we figure out how each player is acquired. They fall into 3 different categories, although that was only done for simplicity. Just about every player takes a different path to the league and many are the non-traditional routes. Traditional, of course, would be through the draft or the players who are signed by a team after the draft. Those are labeled as Undrafted College Free Agents and over the years the Cowboys have excelled at finding pieces through that method, including their franchise QB Tony Romo, their defensive leader, Barry Church, their slot receiver, Cole Beasley, and a starting guard, Ron Leary. And that doesn't even mention a kicker and a punter who are both solid, with Dan Bailey being amongst the better kickers in the league.

    Meanwhile, the draft is where the teams that win have built most of their squad, and the Cowboys are certainly making every effort to make this their principle mode of acquisition.

    Of the 62 names listed below, 31 are Cowboys Draft Picks. That includes 9 from the 2014 draft, so they have yet to actually make the squad, but we will give them the benefit of the doubt for this exercise in late July. Add that to the 12 college free agents who have already made a Cowboys roster at least once, and you have 43 as your "homegrown" number. That is actually a very healthy number that Dallas should be happy about - but, of course, that doesn't measure the quality of the 43. For instance, are their enough stars in that group? Are they starting quality at least? And, is making the Cowboys roster easier than other rosters because of the soft bottom portion of the roster?...

    Check out the newest version of the chart below:

    2014Martin, Lawrence, Hitchens, Street,
    Dixon, Mitchell, Gardner, Bishop, SmithMelton, T McClain, Mincey, R McClain, Weeden, Hanie,
    R Williams, A OkoyeMany, Many
    2013Frederick, Escobar, T Williams, Wilcox, Randle, Webb, HollomanSelvie, Hayden, Clutts, Rayford, M Wilson, LemonHeath, Hamilton, C. Lawrence
    2012Claiborne, Crawford, Wilber, Johnson, HannaBernardeau, Carr,
    Moore*, WeemsBeasley, Leary, Dunbar, Bass
    2011Smith, Carter, Murray, Harris Jones, Bailey
    2010Dez Bryant, Sean Lee J Parnell, B Church
    2008Orlando Scandrick
    2007Anthony Spencer, Doug Free
    2005 LP Ladocuer
    2003Jason Witten Tony Romo
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    Good article.

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