News: Sturm on the Defense and Blitzing....

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by arglebargle, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Interesting numbers on the Cowboys' defense's change of character after the loss of Church and Lee. Still don't like the rush3 set though.

    Given the way RG3 burns the blitz, this might be the better way to go on Thanksgiving, regardless.
  2. big dog cowboy

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    Sure makes going deep into the playoffs sound like nothing but a dream.
  3. Eskimo

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    If you look at those first five games we had started to give up a lot of points in the Chicago game (offensive was a heavy contributor) and the Baltimore game. Perhaps they just learned their defense was not good enough on the back end for all these sell out rushes. We were far from dominant in sacks, turnovers and points allowed even with Lee on the field.

    Rather, I think Ryan learned that he didn't have the players to execute this style of defense - he just doesn't have the corners to do it. Nevertheless, with his strength in the front 7 and decent coverage on the back end they can stop offenses if they don't give up big plays by eventually just shutting down some plays via a key stuff, open field tackle, sack/pressure or even a turnover.

    So I would say Ryan has done a good job coaching through some player shortcomings and some injuries to still put a good but not great defense on the field. I think the defensive coaches have done a good job even though they blew another lead last week.
  4. Bluestang

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    Its tough to be aggressive when your playing catch up in games.
  5. Deep_Freeze

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    Alot of truth there.

    We are playing D more conservatively cause we have to, no other way around it. You can't sell out blitz without support on the backend, and in the beginning he probably thought we were better than we are.

    If anyone wants more blitzes, we have to get improved safety play, no other way around it.
  6. SaltwaterServr

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    The article below it is pretty telling as well. This offense just cannot sustain long drives.

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