News: Sturm: The Morning After: Cowboys 17, Eagles 3 (4-3)

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    What is the only thing better than a divisional win over a rival in the NFL regular season?

    Probably a divisional win over a rival - at their place. And in winning a 17-3 decision in Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon, the 4-3 Dallas Cowboys sit all alone in 1st place in the NFC East for the time being. Whether they can maintain their perch from here on in will depend on their demonstrating a little consistency and the ability to find clear waters amidst a high number of injuries, but their accomplishments in the first half of the season appear to center around their ability for them to win their divisional match-ups.

    And in taking down the Giants, Redskins, and Eagles in succession in the first round of the annual home-and-home divisional series, the Cowboys have emerged as the leaders at the present. That award is certainly nothing more than discussion fodder, but it puts them in an advantageous posture in a division that seems there for the Cowboys' taking as many of us projected a few months back.

    Is the NFC East very good this year? No. And it doesn't matter. The league mandates that you win your division to earn a home playoff game, which means that finishing 2nd in a division with 14 wins is worth less than winning a division with 8 wins. It is just the way the league is presently set up. And no apologies need to be offered.

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