News: Sturm: Why Cowboys Fans Are Victims of Their Own Memories

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 20, 2013.


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    What a bunch of crap this article was. Strum, if you feel like these players don't owe it to the ones that came before, then you should probably be covering Jacksonville.

    See ya..............................
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    College and Pros is different... You got boosters as well that threaten.. Bowl games also cut at your bottom line.... NFL revenue is probably made in a totally different manner.
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    I didn't see that at all.

    I know you think he has a point. Nothing wrong with that either..........I guess. ;)
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    Lol. I've rarely, if ever, have seen an individual refer to him/herself as a homer. I'd be hard pressed to find one person who has. It's not a compliment and is no better than referring to someone as a hater or negative nancy. It's not a term of endearment. Again, it doesn't matter how you define a realist, how you see the team doesn't change how someone else sees the team. How they see the team is their reality.

    Ha! My views on the team haven't changed. I definitely lean towards the positive outlook of the team, and always will because that's my personality. But I don't think anyone can ignore the product on the field. You are what your records says you are. As I posted last week or so, most of the times the staff may either suppress their opinion or share it elsewhere in order to try to maintain the site. It can get unruly sometimes and we have to do our best to keep the site from devolving to a slugfest.

    No moral loss here. It was an L and an ugly one at that. Not much you can say about it. I'm just pointing out where you could see the change on both sidelines...and they began to treat it like preseason and just play so that no one is injured before the clock strikes 0:00
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    LOL. When we were 33-15 over the three years from 2007 to 2009, the coach Bob didn't like was a huge millstone around our neck holding us back from greatness.

    Now that we're 21-21 over the last three years, well golly gee, you shouldn't be upset because it's just gosh darn hard to win in this league and you know, you could always be worse.

    And now we're supposed to be jubilant about last-second wins over Christian Ponder and overtime squeakers over Brandon Weeden?

    Give me a break.

    Speaking for myself, I don't think the uniform or past Lombardis have anything to do with my or most fans' expectations. When we had Clint or Quincy or Vinny, I didn't expect much of anything out of the team. The reason I'm frustrated right now is because we have a top QB (which is about 70% of the battle in the NFL) besides plenty of other good players and we're spinning our wheels while the shot clock on his career ticks away.
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    Hey Sturm

    Doubt the word I would use is SPOILED.....after almost 2 decades of losing because pess poor management I would use words more like disgusted, embarrassed, and stop using the words, moral victories, we won the preseason, or the right kind of guy. It's easy for the fans to become frustrated with this franchise when it can not put a respectable team on the field and the owner sells his annual Superbowl or bust BS. Lastly, don't forget the Cowboys have the great Victoria Secret store at the stadium

    Just tired of the embarrassments from this team to the GM.....
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    I have seen it several times here. Also, I disagree with you. There is nothing wrong with considering yourself a homer. One of my best friends, who I can clearly point to and say he is the biggest Cowboys fan on earth, refers to himself as a homer and I as a realist. We have awesome conversations and debates at times. He knows he is an eternal optimist... AKA homer. I don't see anything wrong with being optimistic, unless you start being unrealistic with your view and then you start lying to yourself. I have seen many people do this and then you are right, there is no point in debating with them because they can't be truthful with themselves.

    That is fine, say whatever you want.. but I have personally seen you be "publicly" more critical lately. Maybe you have always had the same thoughts, but now I have seen you actually type it out more? I dunno.

    This explains a lot.
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    Dude, it hurts me that my amateur athletic team is run more professionally than my pro football team.
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    Spoiled? Entitled? Maybe.

    Honestly I just think most of us are tired of seeing...

    --A team with as much talent as we have struggle every. single. game.
    --Coaches that never seem to have an answer for anything.
    --A head coach who never really shows any emotion.
    --Spineless game plans on offense.
    --Finding the most gut wrenching ways in which to lose games.
    --Young, talented players primes wasted.
    --An owner who has the audacity to strip his HC of OC duties because he has "too much on his plate", when said owner has been pulling the same double duty and the team has gotten nowhere in 17 years because of it.
    --Headlines like "Victoria's Secret PINK store to open in Cowboys Stadium"
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    I don't blame you. Just out of curiosity, who's your Amateur team?

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    I feel your pain man...
  12. khiladi

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    Don't forget winning the division and our first play-off win in 17 years and that too over the Eagles... If only Garrett was never hired...
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    From the article:

    This bugs me to no end. The argument that its hard to win and only 10 team have won SBs since we started our Dark Ages ignores the fact that 6 of the 10 teams are repeat winners. All of the repeat winners as well as Indy and now N.O. are considered top organizations in the NFL, with solid GMs, good coaches and, minus the occasional off year, consistently good talent. For the most part these teams won SBs because they are well run organizations that let's them capitalize on their down years with good drafts and player decisions. They didn't just fluke their way into the SB or get lucky at the right time, they more often than not put themselves in the position to win those championships.

    Can anyone say with a straight face that is what has been going on in Dallas the last 18 years? That the ball just hasn't bounced right for us once or twice or we would have won?
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    Being a Cowboy fan "style" points have always come with being a fan. And it was more so expected especially when Jimmy was coach....he wanted perfection and is probably part of the reason he was here only 5 years. But now we are going on 17 years now of borderline mediocrity. I believe the fan base just wants to believe we can win big again but are frustrated that we are wasting away a franchise qb. So when we get blown out or eek out a win against a lesser opponent and stay at .500 we tend to concentrate on how we look as compared to other teams because we are so inconsistent and it shows us, true or not, how far away we are from getting to that top level again.
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    There is a lot of misery in the NFL. There are teams that have never been to a SB, let alone win one. In sports the goal is to win every game and a championship. I am saying that with that mentality, you are going to be disappointed pretty much all the time. I choose to take life and sports as it comes and enjoy the wins and get over the losses..but, hey that's me.
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    Do you have Lombardy trophies in your sig, or are they van de graaff generators?
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    Sorry - not the region, the man.
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    It's 2 playoff wins, isn't it? Regardless, still unacceptable.
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    I don't know who the hell this Bob Sturm is but we did not get to be America's Team by accepting mediocrity. That is for fans of teams like Cleveland.
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    The only thing that was missing was some process talk. His articles we really starting to turn negative about the offense the past year or so, I wonder what happened.

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