Subtract Nelson Cruz from the Rangers' opening day lineup

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by Hopeuhavechange, Jan 31, 2013.

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    Rand Galloway- Stratlegram

    If I'm Nolan Ryan, if I'm Jon Daniels, then I'm privately moving ahead by immediately subtracting Nelson Cruz from the Rangers' 2013 opening-season plans.

    Nellie is going down. Going down for 50 games.

    Where's my proof? My proof doesn't matter. It's Cruz who had better have the proof, and have an air-tight alibi, if he's going to skate on this one.

    And if Nellie goes down, thus continues a winter of baseball hell in Arlington, during which a good organization has repeatedly gone sideways, or worse yet, backward.

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    Is it true that Nellie and the Rangers havent even talked since this news came out?

    I find that strange.

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    I'm not really all that surprised. The club really can't do or say anything until MLB's investigation is complete. Only then will the club be able to make decisions, one way or the other, on what the future holds for any of the players found on the list.
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    Could it be there might be others involved and that they don't want to broach the subject...ask many questions..for as long as possible anyway. Cruz may want to deflect and point to his non-uniqueness in the concern.

    Maybe Rangers have no proof or there's total absence of whispering, but they might just want to distance fr slightest hint of deeper implications in the Org to the extent they may. Containment.
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    This sucks.

    My Rangers are going to be absolutely terrible this year.
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    I dont think they will be as bad people think. The pitching staff returns mostly intact, Napoli and Youngs loss are basically addition by subtraction based upon their poor plate play and I think the younger guys in the outfield are all very sound defensively.

    It won't be as bad as you think, I don't think they will be the best but they surely wont be the worst in the division. Thanks to the Astros.

    This offseason has been pretty bad though.

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