Such a "Sensible" draft, BPA AND Need Filling

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LarryCanadian, May 1, 2006.

  1. LarryCanadian

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    1st Pick

    Carpenter can start right away and/or share time with Vet Singleton. He plays the run well and will let Ware stay on the QB's vulnerable side. Less moving around for both. Solid, character player. Coaches son. Huge work ethic. Fits scheme. Burnett has time to heal. Pick makes sense.

    2nd Pick

    What? This doesn't make sense. We are stacked at TE with Witten and a FA blocker pick up. But wait. Oh we are changing the offensive focus significantly. 2 WR and 2 TE's almost exclusively. Wow then it sorta makes sense. Oh we take the better blocking TE with good size and experience and still good offensive capabilities. What's this. We might not even keep a spot on roster filled for FB? What's this, we don't need a sure thing at 3rd WR spot because we won't play many 3 WR sets. Crayton has more time to develop and heal. Sorta starts making sense. 2 playmaking WR's. Witten doesn't have to block as much. Witten doesn't have to move around all the time. Bledsoe gets some more blocking help. Our offensive tackles have 2 TE's to help block.

    3rd Pick

    Raw skilled developmental DE. Huge frame. Can season behind all the other young talent and replace Ellis in a year or 2. Guy only played DE for 2 years, but shows the tools. Best player available, but more size and replaces a void down the road when Ellis goes. Lotta young talent on Dline. But what about a young WR and Safety needs - well just wait.

    4th pick

    Finally. We address kick and punt returning. I was at camp 2 years ago and the team was desperate to find a guy that can return punts and kicks. Thompson was decent returning kicks, no question, but didn't really have the TD potential being more straight ahead. Punt returners weren't too impressive though. Smallish, but playmaking ability. Fills 4th WR spot and Special Team ace need perfectly.

    5th pick

    Free Safety. One many thought could be 3rd rounder. One many people thought we missed on in 4th round. Still got him. I love these words in his bio's: Ball Hawk, great RANGE, Center Fielder, decent speed. He's tall and rangy. I love it. He can develop behind Coleman if necessary. True Free Safety prototype.

    6th Pick.

    Our new Trashcan full of dirt. Fills need, as backup to Ferguson. Has experience in scheme. Sounds like a character too.

    With the exception of our 3rd pick, I think 5 of these guys will see playing time pretty quickly barring a total flame out in camps. Stanley might take a bit to see field too and rumor is he needs some barking at, but Parcells will take care of that.

    So we didn't reach to fill needs. We didn't get an early oliner, maybe the only concern.

    What a sensible draft. Every one of these guys solidifies their position WITHOUT causing movement or scheme adjustments.

    Sounds like the whole organization is on same page with offensive and defensive philosophy, scouting, free agents, drafting etc. Nice to see and I think will pay dividends for future.

    We didn't have 2 early picks like last year, or that 4th round steal in Canty, so no, it wasn't sexy, but it sure solidifies the team.

    I like it.

  2. Canadian BoyzFan

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    Nice post Larry......I agree.
  3. Eddie

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    Nice post.


    C draft.

    Average draft on an average team.

    Just great. :bow:
  4. Big Country

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    Very well said... I agree totally... Great job unlike previous years where knee jerk in draft to fill a void caused more harm than good...:)
  5. BrAinPaiNt

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    Figured that might make you feel better.:D
  6. superpunk

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    Two scoops, Sunshine?

  7. Eddie

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    You guys keep pickin' on me cuz you know I'm the bearer of the truth.

  8. Doomsday101

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    Truth? or your version of the truth? When it comes to the draft the only truth out there will be the production or lack of production we get from these players.
  9. Eddie

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    The truth ain't always pretty. Gloss over it all you want and paint a happy rainbow over it ... the bottom line is, it's an average draft at best.

    Average also means it's better than 10 years of pathetic drafting. But it won't put us in the level of elite teams.
  10. Paniolo22

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    I've got your fixin Eddie

  11. superpunk

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    The truth, Eeyore?

    Or are you the bearer of....................

    We "pick" because nothing is EVER good enough for you, Eddie. Something good happens, you dispense doom and gloom about something else. We upgrade the team, you claim we'll be a game worse than we were. If you call that being grounded, so be it. The rest of us call it being a curmudgeon, and completely unrealistic.
  12. BrAinPaiNt

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    Truth...partial truth is more like it and partial negative nancy.

    But I did get a good laugh out of the Devil JJ pick.

    You need to hang around with Oddball from Kelley's Heroes
  13. Eddie

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    This is getting silly.
  14. Doomsday101

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    How these player turn out in the end is all I care about. The draft is a crap shoot no one knows what they are getting. Vince Young could turn into a major bust same with Reggie Bush or any of the top players in this draft. I think we got some good players out of this draft but all that matters is how they perform over the next 1 to 3 years.
  15. kartr

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    I think the reason he's frustated is because teams that made the playoffs last year and picked after us got better players. How can you argue with the defending superbowl champs getting Santonio Holmes to replace Randle El and a first round talent like Omar Jacobs in the 5th round to backup Big Ben when we don't have a playoff qb on our roster and no legitimate backup qb.
    How can you argue with Pats getting the better of the Minnesota RB's Maroney and Chad Jackson to replace David Givens. Those teams got noticably better. We didnt', we stayed about the same.
  16. theogt

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    By stating that Holmes would be a 3rd WR on our team and we needed an OLB more than a 3rd WR. By stating Omar Jacobs isn't a first round talent. He's a developmental project, that's all.
    By stating that we didn't need a RB and that picking Maroney would be a complete waste of a first round pick for Dallas (whereas the Pats have an aging/slowing RB that needs replacing). By stating that the Pats traded up pretty high in the 2nd to take Jackson--something that we weren't at all prepared to do for a 3rd WR.

    Stayed the same? Our defense filled two holes. Our offense filled a GLARING hole for a two TE set philsophy. Our S/T filled a glaring hole in a return man.
  17. Paniolo22

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    Holy hannah Batman! For someone who didn't improve throughout his career, a 1st round talent? :rolleyes:
  18. Derinyar

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    But but but.... didn't you see what he could do with his LEGS!!!!
  19. NorthTexan95

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    Who says Santonio Holmes is going to be able to replace Randle El? If Omar Jacobs was a first round talent why was he still there in the 5th? How can you say we didn't get better when we acquired at least two new ... maybe more ... and more depth?

    You're ASSUMING that the guys Pittsburgh and New England will turn out to be great players. You're assuming the guys Dallas got will turn out to be average or worse. Well, yes ... if it turns out that way then we didn't do well. But the odds of that is not very likely.

    It's more likely that Dallas, Pittsburgh, and New England each improved themselves somewhat. With Dallas being such a young team, though, we definately have the most potiential to improve as a team over the other two. Dallas will be better than last year not only because of the draft but also because so many guys will have a year more of experience while still beinng very young, the 8 key free agents we signed, and Flozell Adams (among others) returning from injuries.
  20. StarHead69

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    Geez !!!

    I am soooo tired of the 'no early OL = doom & gloom' attitude of too many 'Boys fans.

    The fact is that there were very few OL's in this draft with anything close to a first day grade. This was a down year for OL and I am glad that we didn't reach for a career backup or some guy we would have to replace ASAP. About the only thing most of the blockers in this draft would have done for us is sit on our bench and keep Gurode company. Except for Mcneil (injury issues), just about every OL in this draft needs to put on weight and gain a lot of strength before they are ready to play. As far as the young impact WR some are wishing we would have taken... there weren't any. Simply a bunch of #2 /3/4 wr's ... admittedly some had fantastic speed, but I don't imagine moss, jackson, etc will be walking off the field unassisted the first time they grab one in the middle of the field.


    This just happened to be a piss-poor draft for OL & WR... bad luck for us, but I am glad we didn't pass on the value that was there.

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