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    I'm a huge fan and player of blues harmonica players...starting with Little Walter, (which is where I got the "Juke" name from...His signature song was called "Juke") and ending with Kim Wilson, who I consider the best of all time.

    One of my friends was part of a group that booked Kim Wilson's band, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, for a show here.

    I was invited to hang our with the group. Kim Wilson was beyond cool. We talked about music for about a half hour...his manager came by and said, "20 minutes until show time, you might wanna warm up". I figured he'd split but instead he sez to his manager "I'm doing fine warmin' up right here." and hung out for another 15 minutes.

    Anyway, I made a graphic for him to autograph...and that's what you see above.

    The guy is a MONSTER blues harmonica player.

    Great night.


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