Super Bowl Teams & The NFL Quarterback Fallacy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MissouriCowboy, Jan 21, 2013.

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    The NFL is all about the quarterback. They are the only player on the team that is talked about as having won or lost games. Frequently, their records are cited as proof of how good or lousy they are. And many people, myself included, will predict a game based almost solely on how they think the guy taking the snaps will play.

    This year's NFL playoffs have poked some serious holes in that concept. The NFC is represented by a young quarterback who did not even get the starting job until the ninth game of the season, and in the playoffs the 49ers' Colin Kaepernick outplayed Aaron Rodgers, who many consider the best or second best quarterback in the NFC. He followed that up with a defeat of Matt Ryan, considered one of the up and coming stars after the outstanding year the Falcons had. And Joe Flacco of the Ravens only went on the road in back to back weeks and beat two guaranteed first ballot Hall of Fame quarterbacks who were having excellent years. But now Peyton Manning has to face another year knowing that his little brother has twice as many Super Bowl rings, and Tom Brady will have to take solace in the fact that, even though he is married to a supermodel, he is still the best looking person in his family.
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    Excellent, level-headed post. Agree 100%. This is a team game, and the best team usually wins. The quarterback is an important cog in that team, but he doesn't make the team. None of the "great" quarterbacks in history would have been great without a solid team around them. For evidence, look no further than Archie Manning back in the day with New Orleans. Any observer could see he had the skills to be a great quarterback, but his teams absolutely stunk out loud! So he never won diddly-squat. I am in wholehearted agreement that the quarterback gets way too much blame or credit, and I wish people would focus more on how the team did instead. And, I also agree wholeheartedly that a strong defense and running game make any quarterback look worlds better than when they have to try to do it all themselves. Thanks for posting this!
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    That's actually wrong, because Kaepernick didn't throw any picks.

    Although that short FG they missed and the goal-line fumble might as well have been two picks, and the 9ers still would have won the game.
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    Post of the year!! Great read, twice!!!
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    Excellent OP.

    The simple truth that teams win SBs doesn't deminish the impact an excellent QB has on one.
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    Tom Brady is now 9-6 in the playoffs in years where he has a top 10 offense in the regular season and 8-1 in the playoffs when he doesn't. The Patriots with Brady are 10-2 when they have a top ten defense and 7-5 otherwise.
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    Then we should've won a Super Bowl with Drew Henson, based on this concept.

    The QB has the ball in his hands 100% of the time on offense. No matter what the defense does, it's the offenses responsibility to score. If you want to take the importance off of the QB just to protect that idiot Romo, then take his MILLIONS away, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't like that.

    You can make 1 million THREADS proving anything you want, the FACT IS, Head Coach and QB are the two most important parts of a team.

    If a scrub QB wins a Super Bowl, GUESS WHAT? HE WAS GREAT FOR THAT ONE YEAR. Now please close this thread ASAP!!!
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    In this age of mediots, it is no wonder that their tiny minds fixate on QB to the exclusion of almost everything else.

    And the lemmings that follow the mediots simply parrot thier sayings

    Fact is that no QB has ever won a game by himself;

    while many teams have won in SPITE of their QB.

    The Rapists first SB is evidence of that.
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    Lol close it? Why? Cause it doesn't fit your bash romo agenda. One of the best posts I've seen on here in 8 yrs
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    The article is a bit contradictory. The wins are not all about the QB, sure, but the teams that are in the superbowl are still getting outstanding performances from their QBs...
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    Actually, I don't want to bash Romo, I just want him and his fans to go to Tampa. Hope I've cleared things up.

    I don't hate Romo as a person, but I hate him here because we're wasting precious years with this scrub. I want a stinking Super Bowl, and we keep jerking around with this QB who will NEVER EVER EVER EVER, take us anywhere but to the Heartbreak hotel.
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    immediately made me think of the Giants that year when they beat the patriots in the Superbowl. That defense made all of the difference. Great post.
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    You know how you know you've written a great post, when Romo haters tell you to close the thread. :laugh2:

    Everybody was just as mad, just as disappointed and just as exhausted after the Washington game when it comes to Romo. He looked shaky, threw off his back foot and was not the same player as the previous six weeks. You would be lying if you didn't see it.

    Yesterday in the Pats/Ravens game Brady took a seven step drop and the Ravens safety blitzed. He was going full bore and I thought he was going to kill Brady, then out of nowhere a guard picked up the blitz at the last moment and Brady threw a strike. For me it was almost a revelation to see that happen because that's what we needed on the Romo's last pick in Washington on the blitz. I'm not excusing the throw, but somebody else needed to do their job and they didn't.

    I think Romo wouldn't taken us down the field and scored. He had the Redskinns defense on the ropes but one missed assignment on one crucial play resulted in Romo not doing his job and THAT is why it's the ultimate team game.
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    and i want the constantly depressed people to go away and find another team.

    looks like we're both going to need to get used to disappointment.

    btw - to the OP- excellent post. wish we had more like it vs. all the bickering.
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    :post: :gent:
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    Yes, it is a team game. Period.

    Yet it is also true that no single player has a bigger effect on the outcome of the game (or a team's fortunes) than the QB.

    We need look no further than our own Dallas Cowboys' performance from 2001-mid 2006 when we fielded some pretty good defences and managed to suck every year because we got piss poor play from the QB.

    Even in the 2006 season we were mired in mediocrity until Romo relieved Bledsoe.

    So yes, it's a team game, but we're kidding ourselves if we're pretending that the QB is just another guy.
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    Right and to me that's better evidence that defense is still very, very important in winning a title than this article.

    The Giants defense carried Eli.
    The Colts defense (in the playoffs) carried Peyton the year before
    The Saints ability to force turnovers enabled Brees to get there and win it all
    The Packers defense coming to life in 2010 got Rodgers there

    There isn't a recent superbowl winner, elite QB or not, that didn't need a huge contribution from their defense.

    However, it is still misguided to use this article or the reasons I've stated above for defending Romo. Although those QBs benefited from their defenses, those QBs had to make plays also and could not make the type of mistakes that Romo infamously makes.
  19. Clove

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    It's funny how it's the ULTIMATE team game when Romo's screwing up, but it's the QB when he's doing good.

    The Romo lovers, they simply deserve 17 years of misery. Unfortunately, the Romo haters have to deal with 17 years of misery as well because of my next most hated person on the Cowboys, Jerry Fraud.
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    Maybe Kaepernick and Flacco are just becoming superstar QBs. Can't hate on them for raising their game

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