Super Bowl Teams & The NFL Quarterback Fallacy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MissouriCowboy, Jan 21, 2013.

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    No QB can win a SB with the TO differential and lack of a running game and pass protection that Tony suffered this year. It's unbelievable how much blame this guy gets.
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    I didn't discount any of those guys or say they were overrated. Staubach in particular I think is underrated.

    If you look at the team ranks for the patriots during their Superbowl years they are as follows.

    |Defense|Rushing TD Rank|Rushing TDs|
    2004 |2|8|15|
    2002 |1|6|9|
    2001 |6|7|15|

    Tom Brady definitely had some help on those squad. The guys that win without the defense or rushing touchdowns are as much an anomaly as the Trent Dilfer types.

    The point of this is not to turn this into another Superbowl wins versus numbers type threads or something. The point is unless we address these areas going forward we don't have a realistic chance to win a championship no matter who the QB is.

    Edit: sorry about the table format. Hopefully it's still readable.
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    I am not seeing anyone blaming him in this thread. In fact, like I've said, I'm a fan of what he's done with the oline, etc. What I don't like are excuses for why he hasn't won. Like Comparing him to other guys who have done a lot more but choked once or saying the Defense and Running Game is the reason teams win SBs while discounting Quarterbacks over the decades. Those excuses are poorly played. I also am objective and Romo has buried himself at times. Great stats with a 10 cent brain at times. These are facts. But I don't blame whole seasons on him. I blame a lack of organizational awareness.
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    It shouldn't be ignored that we let up a 200 yard rusher in that game, and that teams are 118-9 all time when they have a rusher go for 200 yards. Romo certainly didn't help our cause, but our defense didn't either.
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    I'm not saying you are, or anyone in particular is (I was making a general comment), but let's be realistic here. The best shot Tony ever had of winning a SB was in 2007 when we were the #1 seed, and we lost to a team that was on fire and eventually won the SB, a team that shut down one of only two teams in NFL history that had an opportunity to go undefeated. After that, it's been downhill team wise. That's a reflection more of management than the QB.
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    The defense gave Romo the ball back with 3:25 and 3 timeouts only down 3 points DESPITE Romo's earlier 2 int's. Romo is 100% to blame for that loss.
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    Agree completely. Again, you can't have 16-17 years of this stuff without a lack of organizational awareness, control and direction. When it comes to things like Romo I've always found it to be hard to be one way or another. I know he isn't supposed to carry a team and he does well despite the O-line BUT he also digs his own grave with boneheaded mistakes. So trying to cover with "other chokers" or "needs more for the SB" just rubs me the wrong way. I try to be a fan but see his game from more the outside in. But he doesn't get he help either so what do you do?
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    You're CBR from AbsoluteCowboys, right?

    If he has a clean pocket and the ability to hand the ball off for 6 yards, then what's the point? Some of the worst QBs in the league could win with that kind of support. How much help does Romo need?

    And how realistic is that? How often does that happen? It's not impossible for a team to overcome their average QBs (Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, who else?), but parity is prevalent and building a team of that caliber isn't common.

    On top of that, those guys didn't have the same knack for making the detrimental mistakes that Romo does. And that's Romo's biggest problem. And because it's his biggest problem, it's quite possibly the biggest problem with the team.

    That's not to say that I think the team is being held back by him at the moment. That's not true; we're just not that good right now. But if the team was a competitor I don't think we could go very far with Romo.

    Because, no matter how good the team, Romo is going to eventually face adversity. It's going to happen in this parity filled league.

    And to me nothing that he has done in his career indicates that he can overcome that his own internal issues.

    Again, I'm not saying its impossible that it'll just click with him and those issues will go away. I'm just tired of wasting time waiting... hoping that it will happen.
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    I think it's a myth that Romo makes the "boneheaded" mistake anymore than other QBs. I think this has been drilled in by the media who has its fair share of Cowboy haters creating the image that he's a gunslinger with the Favre comparison, and started with the the 2006 playoff game in Seattle, which wasn't even a QB mistake per se.

    If someone can show me how his mistakes are more "boneheaded" than other QBs, I'll gladly accept it as so.
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    For the record, I don't consider Romo a 'gunslinger'. He tries his best not to make mistakes. Really, it's not the number of mistakes but the severity.

    I'll take on that challenge... work's pretty slow today.

    I used to have the same notion that you do; that his mistakes are 'overblown'. But understand that the mistakes I'll be using will be during big games, which I will clearly define.

    I'd love to prove myself wrong because while I consider myself a Romo basher, I don't consider myself a Romo hater. I like the guy a lot, and it would be so ridiculously amazing to win it all with him at the helm...

    Anyway... should be interesting.
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    Giants D, and some lucky catches - Tyree in particular - contributed greatly to the Eli mystique.
  13. mahoneybill

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    Good summary. Brady normally has a 5 yard cushion, and very good protection on blitzes. He then surveys where he wants to throw, and increases his chances for a completion.

    Contrast that to running for your life, and throwing with the hope that it will be a competition
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    It's always a pleasure to debate someone who does honest research. I'm only sorry that I can't find anything in your response to disagree with. :D

    In short we've gone from being an average team with a great passing game, to being a truly bad team with a great passing game.

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