Super Sunday Cowboys Mock Draft with Trades

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    2011 Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft -- WHEELIN' & DEALIN' VERSION

    1. Dallas trades the 9th pick to Minnesota for their 1st (#12), 4th, and the New York Giant's 5th. (Minny maybe moving ahead of the Skins for a QB)
    2. Dallas trades the 12th pick to New England for Oakland's 1st (#17), Minnesota's 3rd (#74), and New England's 5th. (New England moving up maybe to grab OLB Justin Houston or another pass rusher)
    3. Dallas trades their 3rd and New England's 5th to Denver for their 3rd. (Denver drops down for an extra pick because they've already traded away their 4th and 5th)

    1 (#17 from New England). Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin
    Marc Colombo served the Cowboys well but he's nowhere near the pro-bowl caliber player he was in '07 and '08. Carimi can step in and solidify the RT spot.

    2. Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State
    I'm following the NFP mock which has Phil Taylor sneaking into the first round. If things play out similar to that mock, Heyward could be available with the eighth pick in round two. If not, then I'd slot in another d-lineman, say Christian Ballard or Muhammad Wilkerson, ahead of Rahim Moore.

    3 (from Denver). Danny Watkins, G, Baylor
    Watkins has the ability to come in and be an immediate starter at LG, so even though he's already 26 it's going to be hard for a team not to pull the trigger on him in the late second or early third round.

    3 (from Minnesota via New England) Colin McCarthy, ILB, Miami
    Hopefully to take over for Bradie James after a season or two, but also insurance in case Sean Lee doesn't prove durable enough.

    4. John Moffitt, G/C, Wisconsin
    I had been thinking Moffitt had moved up to a third-round guy but after working up a two-round mock and looking at various rankings online he could probably still be had in the early fourth. If not, Will Rackley out of Lehigh can fill the same need: backup center and potential replacement for Davis at RG.

    4 (from Minnesota). Curtis Marsh, CB, Utah State
    The fifth-highest rated CB on Wes Bunting's board, Marsh is a bit of a project but could well see his stock rise if he runs as well as expected at the combine.

    5. Jalil Brown, CB, Colorado
    With such a deep cornerback class Brown would be a good value in the fifth round. Showed well at the Senior Bowl practices.

    5 (from NYG via Minnesota). Marcus Gilchrist, FS, Clemson
    Jerry & co. have not had success using mid-to-late round picks to try and find a safety, but with a weak safety class and plenty of other needs to fill, I think the position once again has to wait until later in the draft. Gilchrist, at least, has started at safety for Clemson so he's not like other CB-conversion projects Dallas has taken on (and failed with).

    6. Brandon Bair, DE, Oregon
    Needs to bulk up to be a 3-4 end but has the frame to do so. A good Shrine Game week could have him going higher than this.

    7. Markus White, DE/OLB, Florida St.
    Should have the athleticism to make the switch to 3-4 LB, the question will be if he has the instincts for it and if he can improve his technique enough to earn a roster spot.

    Alex Green, RB, Hawaii
    A big back to challenge Miller for the third RB spot.

    Anthony Sherman, FB, Connecticut
    Sherman actually seems likely to get drafted in the seventh round now, but if not: Dallas has had some success before with a UConn FB, so they go back to the well and bring in a good blocker and special teams player.

    Jah Reid, OT, UCF
    A camp body to provide competition but with enough potential to have a chance at beating out Sam Young for a roster spot.

    Greg Lloyd, ILB, Connecticut
    Was the best player on a good Huskies defense in 2009 until tearing an ACL. Coming back from the injury in 2010 he was not as effective and lost his starting job, but he showed up well at the East-West Shrine game and could be a good two-down ILB in a 3-4 scheme.

    Byron Maxwell, CB, Clemson
    OK, he got burned a lot, but he also flashed some ability at times and could be a benefit to the special teams coverage units which would realistically be his only way of making the roster if the draft played out as above.

    Brian Lainhart, FS, Kent State
    Seems like a Ryan kind of guy. Should be able to play either safety position.
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    Not flashy but I'd take it. I really do want us to get a "real" NT in here, but I doubt the Cowboys feel the same way.
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    I don't think this team is so far away that we need that many draft picks.
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    It's not really that many picks. If you look at the positions drafted, they are mostly in positions we are depleted or soon to be depleted at.
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    Not a fan..does nothing to improve safeties now. Don't like McCarthy in the 3rd at all. Not overly physical and he's slow.
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    I don't like the picks but I love the creativity and wouldn't mind see'ing
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    agree very creative , but too much dancing .

    love carimi . im at the point where if we cant trade down and the 2 cb's are off the board i would just grab him at 9 plug him in and dont look back.
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    Not happy about not getting an impact player. RT is not going to take us to the promised land.

    There are very viable FA o-linemen this year and I think there will be great value at the top of round 2 for o-line help.

    I do however believe a vastly improved d-line will vastly improve a struggling defense, that if improved can be the difference of getting us back to the promised land because our offense is strong.

    Corner and d-line have the best rated prospect in this years draft and they are both serious needs.

    Our o-line needs a RT and another good guard but our offense is not the problem.

    Plus there is no player for the o-line in this draft that will immediately impact this team where we get just that much better because of him.

    Since thats the case go defense with our first pick and o-line, where there is great value in the 2nd. Guard or tackle.

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