Superduper Positive Kool-Aid 2014 Cowboy thread

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TTexasTT, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Id like to keep the posts about how bad this franshise sucks outta here.
    I dont find it very hard to imagine the Cowboys being a dominate team next year. I dont see any need to blow up this team and rebuild. If the right moves are made this team can be a force in the NFC. Lets explore some options and situation that make this a reasonable claim.

    Alright, start with the Defensive Line.
    This is a area of major concern that Id expect to be addressed with the first pick. Personally I see Dallas taking Ealy or Tuitt with this pick. I know there are other options but Id be pleased with one of these. Both large and have a good chance of making a impact with Marinelli using him correctly.
    Ware IMO, will be here next year. He had a bad year and there is no way around it. This happens and its not uncommon for players his age to have bounceback years. Mathis and Phillips are good examples. I dont know if he will ever be a 20 sack guy again but I do expect him to regain some of his old form.
    Selvie is servicable and there are some other guys than can be developed in the probably loss of Hatcher and Spencer. Perhaps signing a value priced free agent is another option.

    Sean Lee is clearly one of the best playing, WHEN he is playing. I dont really buy into the term "injury prone" and see it more as bad luck, and hes had his share. I expect a full season from Lee. One where he may very well lead the NFL in tackles.
    Bruce Carter may very well be the most athletic freak on the team but his struggles with the new defense took a toll on the defense. There is no reason for him not to have a better grasp of the new system that will allow him to showcase his athletic ability.
    Holloman has shown flashes. Not much more to be expected from a late rounder that was thrown into the fire like he was. I expect big things from him in the next few years.

    Carr is overpaid and cant seem to hold down big guys like Megatron or Garcon but seems to execute well against the smaller shiftier types like Desean or Cruz and such
    Scandrick was a nice surpise this year. He seems to want to take the best the other team has to offer and I like his "swagger" (damn I hate that word) and his confidence. I predict a career year from him next year.
    Morris is not been the Deion that some of us were sold on (not that anyone really believe that) but there have been some moments where you can understand why he was so highly recruited, though not as many as there should be. This will be the year he establishes himself.

    Church still has more detractors than I expected he would. Ever notice after most every defensive play number 42 was picking himself up off the ball carrier? Its really hard to judge his coverage skills in any other way that below average but this can be related to the poor pressure on the opposing QBs. His play really needs a compliment from the other safety.
    Wilcox needs to make a name for himself as a dependable guy back there. He will absolutely lay the wood to any player without a second thought and thats a nice quality but he needs to really learn to play the position. He can grow a great deal this offseason.

    Offense, I wont really go into this since its not nearly the black eye that the defense has been. I fully expect Romo to come back better. The surgery isnt threatening as you might think and there have been QBs to have the same minor procedure and come back to post amazing numbers, one being Troy.
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    I was about to derail the thread, but I simply could not disrespect this excellent post.

    Thank you for letting me read this.
    A little pie-in-the-sky on some points, but heck- I'll always hope for the best, despite the evident concerns.

    Good show!
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    Yeah... Perhaps a little over the top.
    Im feelin good tonight and havent even had a drop.
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    I love it.
    I decided to go and make a thread about what your post got my brain bubbling.
    Something I keep forgetting to post.
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    It's nice to read a different perspective (a positive one) from time to time, a good change of pace. :D

    I honestly don't know what to expect next year, I guess I'm kinda holding out to see if Romo gets back fully healthy, only time will tell. Though, I'll really be drinking the kool-aid if we can manage to bring in someone like a Norv Turner, please, get it done Jerry!
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    Uh... let's see... positives... umm...

    The cheerleaders are hot?
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    Ummm, yah ... About that ...


    You know your franchise is screwed when it can't even that right, lol!
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    I honestly dont see his back being a issue. Ive talked to patients and doctors about this specific surgery and there are very few complications. However, none of them are NFL players.

    I really need to start paying more attention the the cheerleaders. I love half dressed ladies more than most but Im always too far into football mode during the game to give them a hard look.
    meh, Ive done worse
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