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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by sureletsrace, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Okay, it's that time. I've been polishing up a draft that will wow some of you with some seemingly-odd picks. Hear me out. This is assuming we pick at pick #24 of each round and that we receive a 6th round compensatory pick. This assumes Sensabaugh and Elam stick around.

    1 (24)- Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska - 5'10" 205lbs.

    Don't let the size of this senior out of Nebraska fool you. He is very physical and willing to stick his nose in any play. Coaches report that he asks to cover the bigger WR's on the other team so he can get physical with them. He's got an outstanding vertical to compensate for his lack of height.

    ***Trade 2nd/3rd for pick #29***

    2 (29)- Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin - 6'5" 315lbs.

    Rob Ryan gets his Cornerback, and Jason Garrett gets his Center. We all know about Peter Konz's nasty style of blocking. No description/explanation necessary.

    4 (96)- Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin - 6'4" 318lbs.

    With our young guards having a year under Woicik, they will be much stronger and more tuned for the NFL game. He creates instant depth at the position and could possibly swing it to one of the stronger positions on our team. Compares alot to John Moffitt, but has a lower center of gravity and plays more agile and makes his blocks a little more consistently.

    5 (120)- Ladarius Green, TE, La.-Lafayette - 6'6" 236lbs.

    A big, slow WR. A small, fast TE. Who cares. John Phillips has not been targetted much this year, and I fear he will be a casualty next year. Martellus Bennett will stick around as our run-blocking TE, and enter Ladarius Green. He is too fast for LB's, and too big for CBs and Safeties. Just needs to learn to secure the football before turning his head upfield to run.

    6 (130)- Nick Foles, QB, Arizona - 6'5" 240lbs.

    I imagine this is Kitna's last year in the NFL, and I believe McGee has shown enough to be the backup QB to Romo. Nick Foles has excellent size for a pro QB, think an inch shorter Josh Freeman. He's big and I will admit I do not know a whole lot about this kid, but I know several members on this board that do and they have lots of good things to say about him, so I'll take it.

    6 (144)- Marquis Maze, WR, Alabama - 5'10" 180lbs.

    Good depth for the slot WR position. Runs a 4.49 40 and plays fast. Shifty, and would be a good option for KR/PR.

    7 (168) Jaquies Smith, OLB, Missouri - 6'3" 255lbs.

    More good depth. A less explosive Aldon Smith. He is a Dallas native and is built much like the former Tiger Aldon Smith. They are not related, but Aldon refers to Jaquies as his big brother. He is a smart, hard-working player who Missouri has used on the outside and inside to generate pressure. Sounds like Rob Ryan would have some fun with him.


    Tear it apart!
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    I think you have some guys going in some unrealistic spots(if konz is on the board and we don't take him ima flip) but this is awesome. You even have 3 of my guys. Love Ladarius

    It's funny, a surprising amount of boys fans in the Internet are l
    Looking at a TE.
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    Everything in here I used CBS Draft Prospect Rankings and for the trade I used the draft pick value chart.
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    I wouldn't take Alfonzo Denard that high.
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    He's ranked as the #18 prospect in the draft. I have him going even lower, at which point I could see Rob Ryan in the war room on draft day pinning Jerry Jones down and calling in the pick himself. :laugh1:
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    You have him going "lower" as in earlier in Round 1?
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    Sorry. Later. I was looking at a list numbered top to bottom from 1 to 50, so on the list in front of me, it was lower. :p
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    I'd like some more opinions on my mock!
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    I think it's pretty realistic, going by the ratings. This is a deep draft. I think there could be a lot more players that have a certain grade for each round (i.e. usually Dallas has 20-22 first round grades; this year they may have 25). I really like the first three, but then I'm a Big 10 guy, so I'm kinda biased.

    Don't know much about the TE for Lou-Laf, but if he could be a good receiving TE, that would be great. I think Phillips is still a year away from being 100%. I'm sure he's "healthy", and able to contribute, but missing all of last year, then not having any offseason program, kept him from being what he is capable of. Give him a year with Woiczik, and like many of the OL, it should do wonders for him. If we get a good receiving TE, Phillips may be able to move into more of the blocking TE role.

    Kitna's done after this year. Not trying to be a name dropper, but I personally talked to him last summer, and he said 99.99%. His son will be starting at my high school next year, and he wants to coach. I would be happy with Foles. I just wonder if he'll last that long. It's a pretty deep QB class, but if he has a good combine/pro day, his stock may rise.

    One area I think we need to address in the second half of the draft, is getting another ILB. We'll have Carter and Lee next year, but nobody to back them up.

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