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    SUSHI RAGE: Chef Accused Of Going Knife Wild
    Traffic Dispute Gets Out Of Hand As Victim Gets 100 Stitches To Head, Tells CBS 2 HD: 'I Thought I Was Dying'

    NEW YORK (CBS) ―

    Jack Zaiback is dealing with 100 stiches to his face and head after angry sushi chef allegedly attacked him during a road rage incident on Staten Island on Jan. 23, 2009.

    A wild road rage incident on Staten Island could've been a scene right out of a movie.

    An angry sushi chef is accused of slicing up another driver during a dispute on the side of the road. But as CBS 2 HD found out, both drivers are facing charges.

    "I thought I was dying," Jack Zaiback said. "I actually said a couple of prayers in the EMS."

    One minute Zaiback was driving to work; the next, he said, he was fighting off a knife-wielding sushi chef.

    "What he did to Mr. Zaiback was he treated him like a slab of tuna. I'll put it that way," attorney Alex Grosshtern said.

    Zaiback, 23, was commuting from Brooklyn to a cell phone store he owns in New Jersey when he crossed paths with 37-year-old Yao Zhou and an incident of road rage went off the deep end.

    The two men were driving south here on the Western Shore Expressway. Zaiback said he pulled over after accidentally cutting off Zhou. That's when he said Zhou started cutting him.

    Zaiback said Zhou first approached the car, but when Zaiback tried exchanging license and insurance information, the attack began.

    "He kept trying to reach for my neck and he actually got me right here," Zaiback said pointing. "He did it like seven, eight times."

    Zaiback received 100 stitches.

    Police have filed assault charges against Zhou and Zaiback, but Zaiback's lawyer said his client's wounds should convince the court his client is a victim.

    "This could have easily been a homicide and in my opinion should be charged as attempted murder," Grosshtern said.

    Zhou's lawyer declined to speak on camera but told CBS 2 HD there are two sides to every story and, "the truth will come out in time."

    Zaiback said he sees meaning in his brush with death.

    "I guess God did make a miracle," he said. "Maybe he's trying to make me wake up to something that I'm not doing the right way."

    But, he said he has no idea what struck a sushi chef's raw nerve that day.

    Zaiback said if it weren't for a passing highway NYPD unit that intervened he could have been killed.

    Both men are due in court next month.
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    This 'chef' is a lunatic and probably shouldn't drive again, let alone not walk the streets for a good while. He might have been right, in getting mad at someone who drove so carelessly, but his actions are just stupid.

    This should be posted on a highway billboard and let the jerks who drive like this digest the possibilities of what might happen to them.

    I spend a lot of time on my daily commute and it's nuts. People must think they're anonymous when they're in their car, because they act like they can do anything they want without worrying about the consequences and hopefully this guy who nearly got killed will learn something from it. He say's accidently, but people do this all the time. I don't know how it is in other parts of the country, but in the NY/NJ area, it's pretty brutal and downright stupid. I knew someone who ended up in a wheel chair after being shot because of a traffic incident.

    Oddly enough, I saw pretty bad accident happen right in front of my face this afternoon.
    Had I moved a little quicker after the light turned green, I would have been involved.

    I could go on for a long time about what I see during my daily commute...
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    If you had something other than an Acura, you would have moved quicker. :D

    j/k!! :)
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    And gotten smashed by the dope that blew the red light. Of course the ******* had some blue tooth crap in his ear. :rolleyes:

    It really is something of a miracle, because, as I often do when first at the light and making a left, I jump the guy across the intersection and turn if he doesn't move fast enough. As it happened, I was flapping my gums to my wife and didn't see the light change.

    That would have been ironic; drive 140+ miles a day on my daily commute, only to get smashed on my day off...
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    Look out for Yao Zhou.

    What did the other guy get charged with? Getting cut up by a lunatic sushi chef?

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