News: *** T.O. Breaking News CONTINUED ***Out of Hospital

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Reality, Sep 27, 2006.

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    I do not trust the Dallas Police.
  2. Deep_Freeze

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    Here is a great point to tell you dude. You can be happy and unhappy at the same time. Up and down. Bipolar, whatever.

    One thing alone might not be enough. Football maybe a positive in his life, but all the other things would be what would drive him to this. When you are depressed, you only look at the negatives, not the positives of all the money he has and such. Believe me, I know.
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    T.O.'s heading out
    Calvin Watkins reports that T.O. just left his condo, presumably on his way to Valley Ranch.

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    Your sig says it all bro.
  5. theebs

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    Valley Ranch itinerary
    Here's what supposed to be going on at Valley Ranch this afternoon ...

    1:30 p.m.: Bill Parcells news conference.
    2 p.m.: Drew Bledsoe will address the team.
    2:15 p.m.: Terrell Owens makes a statement.

    We'll keep you posted.

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  6. Deep_Freeze

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    They are going to protect TO. Mental health has a sigma that anyone would deny. Noone wants to be seen as crazy.
  7. StanleySpadowski

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    I understand this. Everyone is describing Owens being in tremendous pain so I'd think that four a day is the bare minimum he'd be using. Oftentimes, especially with Tylenol with Codeine (not saying that was the medication in this case), people take it even more often than every 4 hours because they are so used to disregarding the usage instructions on regular Tylenol.

    If taken properly, a new prescription of 40 pills would only seem to fit this scenario if it was filled Monday night.
  8. Deep_Freeze

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    And my avator too.

    Yes, I know where TO is at, and know how he would react. He will deny even if true.
  9. Stautner

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    I don't doubt any of what you said, but the fact is that football is not a part time thing - it takes a LOT of time and effort. My guess is that IF TO tried to kill himself the focus by the NFL and by healthcare professionals will be on treating the illness rather than going about his normal routine.

    And that's my point - it's not just football, it's that living life as he has isn't working for him (again IF he tried to kill himself), so I don't see him immediately going back to that routine, espcially when so much focus and effort goes into that routine.
  10. cobra

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    If the police recklessly reported or released inaccurate information that caused a substantial harm to the privacy rights and reputation of T.O., then he has a clear lawsuit for defamation and possibly a 42 U.S.C. 1983 civil rights claim.

    The case against Channel 8 would be a similar defamation and invasion of privacy claim. I think the Channel 8 suit would be difficult because they were relying on the police's representation, but it would depend on what the facts are at the end of this all. If they have evidence which suggested otherwise, but they ran with the police narrative story, they could recklessly have caused disparagement and defamed T.O.

    What would be the point?
    A few more millions of dollars seems like a good point.
  11. TX_Yid

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    Disgusting from Mosley. That basically says anything you hear from now on is a lie and the truth is being covered up.

    Thats just one possibility. Another is that the some fairly large assumptions were made by any number of people including TOs publicist, police phone operators, emergency medical staff, police reporters and possibley the media.

    Only one person knows the entire truth and that is Terrell Owens, and I just hope he has the sense to do whatever is best for himself and his well being at this point.

    "jumping off point for his next book" I won't forget that. Disgusting.
  12. dogunwo

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    Its 24 hours in Texas for suicide watch. There is no way the police really believed he was trying to kill himself.
  13. theebs

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    Mickey spagnola will be on with bad radio in about 3 minutes.,.
  14. wileedog

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    What if it isn't true?

    At what point will you believe him and stop saying he is just denying everything?

    And if that answer is never (which it will be in the media), then a false stigma is attached to him for life because people like you who "know where hes at" keeps saying he's just in denial.
  15. Deep_Freeze

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    Take the routine away, and things will get worse. Now, they could put him in a pyshological ward, but really, TO is rich enough that he can get that kind of treatment at home.

    As long as he is on the field, it helps. Being around people helps. The problems lie when he goes home and is by himself.
  16. peplaw06

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    Splitting hairs? I don't know what you're talking about. I've simply stated that there are different reports from different sources, none of them "official." That initial report from the police is not an "official police report." It's not an investigation, it's merely a statement of facts, a timeline if you will recounting what happened.

    There are no findings or conclusions made in that report. When you call 911 and you believe it's an emergency, there is generally going to be confusion and hysteria.

    The police aren't going to "clear anything up," because that was only the indication the responding officer got from the event. They haven't investigated or determined what in their opinion really happened. That document was obviously written early on when there was still confusion.

    So you decide what report or statement you want to give more weight on your own.
  17. theogt

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    Actually, I don't misunderstand the problem. My brother-in-law and his wife are both psychiatrists and we've had extensive discussions about this. I've also close family members diagnosed of being bi-polar and prescribed with lithium, only to later have it determined that the individual was mis-diagnosed. Sorry, doctors aren't infallible. They're humans too and are subject to the same pressures (economic or otherwise) as the rest of us.
  18. Yakuza Rich

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    It's not the only time Mosely has acted like an arse, nor will it be the last. Last season he had Matt McBriar worried about getting the axe because supposedly Mosely can read lips.

    Way to go you friggin dingbat.

  19. ilovejerry

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    What I don't understand is why everyone jumps on this guy,especially over here? He is a DALLAS COWBOY come on where is the loyalty? The media is sickening ! Was it not too long ago that they said he was fined and I had to watch it on my TV screen all day. They Hate him and I don't care if he calls attention to himself or he is a distraction if you wear a helmet with a star, I will fight and defend you until you are pr oven guilty. Don't you see the distention among fans and players there creating. I hope Bledsoe and cowboys rally around him.
    just my .02
  20. Deep_Freeze

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    That is why it has been said, and I'm saying, we will never find out the truth. This is one situation, that anyone would deny.

    Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. Either way, all I'm hoping is that people don't label him cause that is real hard on a person. I hope that the people around him treat him the same, and don't treat him differently or talk about him differently cause of this.

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